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Can you become infected with Ebola from swimming?

The recent headlines regarding the Ebola virus may have you concerned about your chances of becoming infected through a swimming pool. Here’s the truth about your chances of contracting the virus from swimming.

Ebola, according to the Center for Disease Control, is not transferable through every day activities such as grocery shopping, walking around in public or swimming in a pool.

Sanitizers such as chlorine, bromine and bleach effectively remove the virus from surfaces. Only 1.5 parts per million of chlorine is needed to eliminate Ebola. This amount is lower than the average chlorine usage for commercial and residential swimming pools. If a person is infected with the virus, the chlorine within the pool will immediately kill all traces of the virus from the water.

Rest assured knowing that the likelihood of contracting the Ebola virus while swimming is almost impossible. Ensure that your pool has the perfect amount of chemicals by contacting us today!