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Eat well and be safe this fourth of July

FireworksOutdoor Grill Safety
The first step to cookout safety is using fresh food. Store meats and perishables in an insulated cooler to prevent bacterial growth.

Gas grills an have an interior temperature of more than 800 degrees Fahrenheit, so teach children to steer clear!

After grilling, be sure to dispose of charcoal properly.

Firework Safety
If your are attending a professional fireworks display, be sure proper authorities and medical staff are in attendance.

Be aware that animals can become spooked very easily by the loud fireworks, so it is best to leave the pets at home.

Safety on the Road
Be aware of and avoid drunk drivers. Some signs include: drivers who turn with a wide radius, driving speeds 10mph below the posted speed limit, excessive speeding and drivers who are following too closely and or swerving.

Alcohol is the single largest factor in motor vehicle deaths. Encourage loved ones to have a responsible, designated driver when on the road this holiday.

Planning a Fourth of July get together?
Fire up the grill and get creative with your food!

Guilt Free Grill Menu — Everyone expects burgers. But flank steak with radish salad, balsamic grilled vegetables, and grilled banana splits are a tasty surprise.

Herbed Potato Salad — Your guests will never believe that this creamy potato salad is lower in fat than traditional potato salad recipes, but is just as delicious.

Lemon Grilled Salmon — Packed with heart-healthy Omega3s, salmon is good for the heart. This recipe gives tips for grilling on cedar planks, which adds flavor.

All of us at Poolman wish you a safe and happy fourth of July!