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Does your San Diego pool need repairs?

Routine maintenance of your San Diego area pool is essential to ensuring its safety and longevity. Unfortunately, there may be times when you experience pool issues that will require more involved efforts than those of your normal routine. It is important for pool owners to be able to recognize when their pools need to be repaired. Once you realize that your pool requires immediate attention, call Poolman right away. We provide the best in San Diego pool services, and can help you get your pool back in shape in a timely, professional manner.

Here are some common issues that every pool owner needs to look out for:

Holes in caulking
Never overlook the importance of the caulking between your pool and pool deck. Even the smallest caulking gaps could eventually lead to major problems. When water seeps into caulking holes, it builds up behind pool walls. Over time, this could severely damage your pool walls, especially in an area prone to earthquakes and tremors like San Diego. If you notice that your caulking is beginning to crack, be sure to have a professional take care of it right away, so you can prevent the need for an expensive overhaul later on.

Pool leaks
If you notice that your pool water level is dropping significantly, you may want to check your pool for a leak. Check areas around the filter, pump, pipe valves and heater first. If you detect that a leak has occurred, keep adding water to your pool and call Poolman's San Diego team immediately. Leaks can become a major issue, particularly in pools with vinyl lining, but with professional assistance, it can be resolved quickly and easily. If you have not located a leak in your pool but still suspect that it may be a possibility, it is still a good idea to call a professional, who may be able to find the leak and repair it promptly.

Dirty lining or pool water
If your pool lining has become too dirty or its water has turned green, a simple vacuuming or chemical treatment may not be sufficient. In such cases, consider having your pool acid washed or drained. An acid wash strips the top layer of plaster out from your pool, revealing a clean new layer underneath. This can help to make an older pool feel beautiful and exciting again.

A pool draining can greatly improve the quality of your pool water. Eventually, your pool water may become highly concentrated with contaminants from sunscreen, dust and pool chemicals. To resolve this issue, call a San Diego pool maintenance professional to perform a pool draining. Your pool will be refilled with fresh water, allowing you and your guests to have a safer, more pleasant swimming experience.

Smoothing of pool filter sand
Some pool owners may not realize the importance of the sand in their filters. This sand plays an essential role in the filtration process, but over time, it may wear down and lose its roughness. In order for your pool filter to work to its full potential, your filter will require a sand change about every three to five years. A sand change replaces weathered sand with rougher sand, allowing your filter to keep water clean and algae-free.

Fortunately for San Diego pool owners, Poolman's experts are experienced in resolving all of these issues, saving you time and preventing more significant issues in the future. The colder temperatures of winter months commonly lead to pool issues, so now is a great time to take a close look at your pool and determine if it could benefit from one of Poolman's repair services.