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Do you know these makeup secrets to stay fresh and fabulous by the pool?

Whether you're heading out for a little sunbathing or to do some laps in your salt system pool, it's no secret that makeup is a major conundrum when it comes to activities like these. Between the water, chlorine, sunshine and sweat – you might look more like a Pablo Picasso painting when all is said and done. Not to worry, you don't have to forgo makeup for a day of fun in the sun – you just need to switch up your routine. Here are some pointers to get your pool makeup on point. 

Sweatproof actually exists
That's right ladies, and men who love their eyeliner, there are a number of product lines that create sweatproof BB creams, foundations and more, which is great on so many levels. Who doesn't perspire after a couple of hours in the sweltering sun? Search and find makeup that's not only waterproof, but can minimize the chances of blush and powders running down the side of your cheeks after some afternoon poolside reading.

How does waterproof come off?
It's no secret that waterproof mascara is intended to last through rainstorms, blizzards and beach days, but what about when it's all over? You know, those times that you've used waterproof mascara and you get ready for bed, try to remove it, but it won't budge. You could be walking around for three days with old mascara on your lashes because the products work that well. 

Babble, a Disney-affiliated beauty blog, offered a helpful tip to avoid ripping out your lashes to remove waterproof products. As stated on the site, all you have to do is apply your normal mascara first, and then layer the waterproof over it. This will give you a barrier between your lashes and the waterproof mascara. 

Don't forget to protect your face
In addition to these little tricks, don't forget that you're going to be spending your day outside. Products that offer coverage as well as some SPF are your best bet. Following the aforementioned tips may keep your face looking fresh while you're out by the pool, but you'll look like a tomato later on in the day if you don't apply products with sun protection. Check the label of your favorite foundations, lip glosses and face lotions to make sure you have enough coverage.

Head to the pool with confidence to flaunt your new makeup regime. No more runny mascara for you!