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Dallas/Ft. Worth pool owners get ready for a Texas summer

Live large, think big and have your Ft. Worth pool service get you ready for a big old Texas barbecue.

While it may be a bit nippy for a dip in the pool just now, it won't be long before everyone's dodging the heat and taking the plunge.

Now is the time for Dallas area pool owners to get ready for the rest of what summer will bring, from poolside parties to backyard barbecues. Think of how your Ft. Worth pool service can take on all the back-breaking work. leaving you with crystal clear water and a sparkling pool deck.

Try spring cleaning, Texas-style
Start now – that is, pick up the phone, and call your Ft. Worth pool maintenance professionals for a pre-season spruce-up.

If you have kept your pool maintained throughout the year, there won't be that much to do beyond Poolman's routine visits. If not, your Ft. Worth pool maintenance professional can come and handle the vacuuming and brushing, checking the pump, cleaning the filters – in short, all the drudgery you can avoid with a phone call. 

Welcome summer, hassle-free
Contact your Poolman Ft. Worth pool service, and in no time you'll be reading poolside and planning your first party of the season. You'll also be poised to plunge into the refreshing clear water just as soon as the weather permits and to invite friends, knowing that your pool will make a great first impression.

One phone call to Poolman takes pool care off your to-do list and puts it onto ours. With Poolman, you can choose from full-service, year-round pool maintenance with precisely the services you need and pool care packages that make sense for you home:

With cleaning and service schedules tailored to your needs and simplified paperwork, you can greet the new season ready to swim instead of ready to work.

Pre-flight for repairs
Now is also a good time for a once-over of pool, fencing and deck areas to check for any damage. Poolman will work with you to find any areas that are in poor shape, including lights, plumbing, tile, filters, motors, heaters, pumps – even details like caulking and pressure washing.

Begin at the source
To ensure clear, safe water, the pool's filtration system must be operating properly. Poolman professionals will make sure your family enjoys every day they spend splashing around, with no concern for unhealthy bacteria or water-borne diseases. Pools, like all other manufactured items, will experience wear and tear over time, but an early "heads-up" to potential cracking, leaking, chipping or small problems of any kind can be fixed easily with a yearly maintenance check, saving money in the long run by averting much larger and more costly problems.

Change to a salt system – at no cost to you
If you've ever thought of adding a salt system, you should know that more than 6,500 homeowners have decided on the benefits of Poolman's innovative Salt Water Program. Right now, all customers in good standing are invited to have it installed for free. For details and to schedule a consultation, contact Poolman Ft. Worth pool service today.