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Control algae growth in your Fort Worth pool with general maintenance

You may have heard before that the formation of algae is a common problem in swimming pools. But what makes these mysterious plant-like organisms so threatening to pool owners?

It’s natural for algae to enter swimming pools that are not kept at the right chemical levels – and this is the case for many Fort Worth pools. When algae enters your pool and performs photosynthesis, it produces substances that attract certain types of bacteria and microorganisms, which may be harmful to your health. Once an algae population has established itself in your pool, it grows at a rapid pace. It takes only a few hours on a hot summer day for a small algae community to manifest itself into a pool owner’s worst nightmare. As time goes on, your algae problem will only worsen.

Beyond negative health effects, the formation of algae in your pool is not a pretty sight. Algae becomes highly visible along the walls of a pool, staining them ugly shades of green, yellow and black. And if an algae issue is not taken care of right away, it can cause pool water to turn a disgusting green color. Fortunately, Poolman’s stellar Fort Worth pool services will eliminate any algae issues you might experience and prevent algae from growing in the future.

Poolman offers a selection of services that will provide the proper pool maintenance needed to keep algae out of your pool. Poolman’s Simply Chemical service keeps the chemical levels in your pool properly balanced, creating a safe pool environment in which algae cannot survive. Alternatively, Poolman’s Weekly Full Service offers a more comprehensive maintenance option, providing additional vacuuming, brushing, skimming, basket-emptying and backwashing services.

Don’t let algae become the ugly, dangerous problem that invades so many pools. Call Poolman today and keep algae out of sight, out of mind.