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Consider whether your Phoenix pool needs facelift

As the swimming season begins to heat up – quite literally – it's an ideal time for Phoenix pool service customers to determine whether a bit of remodeling makes sense.

In general, there are three major reasons for a pool remodel: To improve appearance, function or safety. If one or more of these are issues for you, it may be time to contact your Poolman Phoenix pool remodeling service for guidance.

Making it look good
One of the major reasons for a backyard facelift is to to improve the appearance. After all, you spend precious leisure time there, swimming, resting or entertaining friends, so it needs to look good. Assuming that Poolman is handling ongoing pool maintenance, you probably have no issues with cleanliness or algae buildup, but you may notice errant chips and cracks in the tile or a deck badly in need of refurbishing.

Revamping pool interiors
Poolman Phoenix pool maintenance does everything needed to make a great first impression, beginning with resurfacing the pool interior. 

Swimming pools, you may have realized, do not age gracefully, and that's especially true of pool interiors which are continually exposed to the sun and extremes of temperature. Whether your pool surface is plaster, pebble or quartz, or whether you need  to repair cracks or chips, resurface the interior or do an entirely new installation,  there's a Poolman solution. Pool professionals handle all your jobs, large and small, to return your pool to its former glory – or maybe even better.

Installing and replacing tiles
Whether you need new cap tiles or tile inserts, your Phoenix pool service pro has the answers to finding a new look for your existing pool. Poolman's specialty is to provide help in working with your existing terrain and landscaping to achieve a design that combines current trends with your unique style.

Tile can be found in an incredible range of colors, styles and shapes for a design selection that's virtually unlimited. Collaborate on the ideas, and Poolman does the work.

Deck it out
After years baking in the Phoenix sun, pool decks can take a beating. Unlike materials for pool interiors, decking choices depend on who uses the pool and what they use it for. Ceramic tile, however attractive, can be slippery when wet and may not be the best option for families with romping toddlers or rollicking teenagers. If you want a more handsome appearance along with a safer material, trust your Phoenix pool maintenance experts to find and install the right solution.

Water features that rock
Have you ever envied the pools that spurt water from fountains, Poolman will wow you with a selection of deck-anchored wok pots that spill water through an opening into your pool. You can also select from options like gushers, waterfalls or "sheer descents" where water flows gently into your pool from a tier above for a tropical rainforest effect. 

Rolled bond beams revisited
If your rolled bean is beginning to deteriorate, it could cause loss of water from the pool. Let the pros share some ideas on how to replace the outdated and non-functional bond beam with an enticing alternative.

Safety first, for everyone
Safety and functionality are critical in swimming pools, and both may be overlooked over time. As owner of a non-public pool, you are exempt from the requirements of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act  – but a pool remodel is the ideal time to add these important safety measures and the Poolman pros will install them if needed.

These include:

  • Suction vacuum release system installation for pools without an unblockable main drain
  • Dual drains – required for pools with two or three drains that are closer than 3 feet apart and must have a secondary means of preventing entrapment
  • ASME-compliant covers that meet current standards.