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Consider the benefits of different pool entryways

Making sure friends and family can access your pool during a hot San Diego summer party is one of the labors of being a pool owner. However, an excellent way to ensure a fun experience for all of your guests is to take the time to consider various types of entryways to the water. We provide some tips on the best kind of entrances.

Various types of entryways for pools
First, consider the types of entryways you would like to have. If you want to project a casual feel to your pool, consider eschewing ladders and stairs in favor of a pool with sides only, allowing a swimmer to quickly slip into the water. However, if you decide to opt in favor of a slightly unconventional look for your pool, make sure that you keep the surrounding area clean and smooth, to ensure that a guest entering the pool doesn't hurt themselves.

You can also invest in traditional steps to serve as an entryway to your pool. Consider going for a cobblestone look, giving your pool an older, venerable appearance. This can be an excellent way to give your pool an artistic upgrade this summer.

According to, you can complement your pool's entryways with different types of entrance gates. You can get a vinyl, aluminum or wrought iron fence, depending on your tastes. You want to think about how the fence will mesh with the rest of your pool area, so choosing the right type can be a delicate decision. Consider contacting your local San Diego pool service if you have any questions about the fence that will be the perfect fit for your pool. 

Use diving boards and water slides as entryways
Another option for your pool's entryways is to secure a water slide. A similar idea would be to acquire a diving board, instead of having ladders and stairs as entryways to your pool. By doing this, you create a fun environment for parties, allowing people to enter the pool in a more dynamic way than the options found in conventional pool entryways. Though this presents a fun alternative to traditional entrances, you also want to ensure pool safety. According to Aquatic International, making sure the water in the diving end of the pool is deep enough is essential prior to using the board.