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Consider some new products for the pool this summer

As swimming and pool-ownership becomes more prevalent, it's never been a better time to obtain some new products for the swimming pool and surrounding area. While you may feel that the cool water is enough to endure the hot Phoenix summer, getting some new upgrades can be the ticket to improve your swimming experience, while also contributing to an appealing pool area. We hope to provide you with some ideas for the summer.

Solar Charging Station and Pool Lift potential options this summer
First, consider purchasing a Solar Charging Station. According to Aquatic International, this allows an owner to save money and resources that would have previously been used on pool batteries. The charging station significantly reduces the need to recharge or replace batteries, doing so by extending their longevity. 

If you don't have a pool lift or another mechanical device, the charging station will be superfluous. However, this can be an excellent pool remodeling idea for the summer, giving elderly relatives a tool that will give them increased access to the pool. 

Obtain material to increase traction of diving board
According to Aquatic International, there are other upgrades to make to the pool this summer. Another idea is to obtain a diving board that has good adhesion, promoting both safety and athleticism. By finding a board that has increased traction you increase the chance that your children will safely dive off the board. Other pool remodeling ideas that can promote health and safety include getting signs that clearly indicate the areas in the pool where people can't dive. You can spice these up with some colorful logos to contribute to a visually appealing pool area. 

A slippery board presents a number of safety concerns, especially if you're teaching amateur swimmers how to dive for the first time. While purchasing a new diving board is certainly an option, you also can do some work on an older board to ensure traction.

You can also do some simple cleaning measures that will make your diving board look fresh for family and friends. Of course, a pool slide presents the same lesson – avoiding slippery surfaces is essential for many objects around your pool. If you're unsure how to increase the traction and stability of your diving board, make sure to ask your local Phoenix pool service.