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Common problems you may encounter with your Phoenix pool

Although pools may vary in size, layout and aesthetics, there are common issues that owners can run into during the length of their pool's life. Some can be minor enough that they're handled with a few simple hours of maintenance, while others can be significant enough to need help from your local Phoenix pool maintenance company.

Whether you're looking to purchase a new pool or recently had one installed, here are some warning signs to watch out for that might indicate issues with your pool.

Cloudy or hazy water
According to Pinch A Penny, there can be multiple reasons why your pool water appears smoky. The most common reason can be attributed to poor circulation or filtration of the water, which can sometimes be attributed to inconsistent or irregular cleaning of the filter. In order to avoid this, you should keep a schedule or chart to keep track of when you clean the system. You could also check the chemical levels in the water and adjust them appropriately to properly filter the water.

Algae build up
Along with cloudy water, having algae appear on the surface of the water is a very common problem for pools, as explained by Penn Live. Catching it early enough, more or less at the first indication of build up, is essential to limiting any lasting damage to your system. Typically, it occurs because your chlorine levels are too low. To clear it up, you should shock your pool and add in a dosage of algaecide. The coupled effect will help to quickly exterminate the algae.

Sudsy water
Your swimming pool shouldn't resemble a bath tub filled with soap, so if it does, Pinch A Penny suggested that might indicate the algaecide you're using is part of the problem. Some algaecides on the market simply cause foaming in pool water, so if this happens you should talk to your Phoenix pool service professionals about finding a brand that doesn't cause foaming. Additionally, you may want to drain some of your pool water and replace it with fresher water, displacing the foamy portion.

Owning a pool can be challenging, but it also can be a very rewarding experience. The maintenance hours you put in are returned to you through countless hours of swimming and cooling off in the hot Arizona summers.