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Common pool care mistakes that San Diego owners make

It's inevitable that throughout your ownership you'll make some mistakes when caring for your pool. Everyone does, and it's usually not big enough to become a major concern. However, if left unfixed, these issues could turn into serious problems.

Here are some common errors that people make in pool care and how to avoid them.

Infrequent chemical checking
One of the most important aspects of owning your pool is knowing to check the water's chemical levels frequently, according to Pool Concepts Unlimited. All too often, owners only measure the chemistry of the pool once or twice a month, which can result in complications and make the water unusable.

With the San Diego climate, owners need to make sure the water is always prepared for action, as their pool can be open year-round. If they have small children, they should err on the side of caution and check the water two times a week to ensure it's at safe levels.

Dirty filter
According to Aqua Value, neglecting the main water filter for the pool is a common mistake made by most owners. Allowing the filter to get dirty can potentially lead to many different types of problems, as it's meant to clean the pool on a regular basis. An algae breakout, a broken pump motor and a malfunctioning pool cleaner are just a few of the possible issues that can arise.

Similar to checking the water's chemistry, pool owners should be vigilant in maintaining the cleanliness of the filter.

Not brushing the pool
While there are certain components of pool care that require rigid maintenance and acute attention, Swim University explained that owners will often neglect one of the most simple measures: Brushing hard to reach areas of the swimming area itself. Running a cleaner along the bottom can get rid of dirt, but many forget to scrub some spots that get forgotten.

Typically, owners should pay special attention to spots behind the ladders or around the steps into the pool. Additionally, where the water line reaches around the edge of the pool can build up some grime, so owners should be mindful of that area as well.

If owners treat their pools like extensions of their houses, they could have an easier time taking care of their swimming areas. For any problems that come up that they feel is major, they should call the nearby San Diego pool service for professional assistance.