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Check out Mark Wahlberg’s new pool

Upon first look, you might mistake that body of water in Mark Wahlberg's backyard for a small pond or piece of the ocean – it's that grandiose. A bird's-eye view of the property posted on TMZ shows that it's nestled between tennis courts and the hills of his Beverly Park mansion – and that's just the tip of the ice-Berg.

Backyard sports galore
As stated by UPI, it's a rock formation swimming pool with a water slide. explained that the resort-style pool is equipped with waterfalls, grottos and cabanas. If swimming doesn't tickle his guests' fancies, they can enjoy other backyard sports like basketball, tennis or racquetball. 

The lavish amenities don't stop there. The 30,000-acre property is also comprised of a library, wine cellar and wood-paneled home theater. TMZ joked that the only thing missing is a talking teddy bear from one of Wahlberg's latest movies, "Ted." 

It's unknown if anyone actually lives in the prestigious home, as UPI reported the actor has yet to make plans to move in to it. He purchased the land back in 2008, and celebrity architect Richard Landry – famous for Tom Brady's house – took it from there. 

Keeping up with the Wahlbergs'
Suffice to say, the final product is something of a marvel. If you want to make your backyard into a paradise similar to Mark Wahlberg's incredible pool area, consider installing a few quick and affordable features. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference one or two alterations can make.

Fort Worth, San Diego or Phoenix pool service providers offer an array of options. Make your pool more like the Wahlbergs' by letting the professionals install wok pots, gushers or sheer descents. They can even add a waterfall to your pool and make it look natural, as if it were tucked away in Beverly Park. 

Don't underestimate the power of a shiny, new pool deck. Investing in what's around the water can give your backyard a completely different aesthetic. Pick out some stylish tiles or material, and the pool service professionals can use them to accentuate your landscape. 

A salt system generator can make the water feel like you're taking a dip in the ocean. Feel its effects immediately, as a good salt scrub tends to leave the skin feeling silky smooth and looking radiant – you'll feel like a celebrity, too.