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Can you dye your pool green for St. Patrick’s Day?

If you’ve visited Chi Town for St. Patrick’s Day, you’ve probably noticed that the Chicago River is green. Not because it’s dirty, but as part of the decor. Each year, a group of people dump 45 pounds of vegetable dye into the water, explained Choose Chicago. When the deed is done, the estimated 400,000 attendees head off in different directions to catch the parade or scope out the bagpipe players. St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago is surely one to remember.

People who have been to Chi Town or have at least heard of the dyeing of the river might feel compelled to try the trick out in their own backyard. If you own a pool you may be wondering: Can I dye my pool green for St. Patty’s Day?

Bloody unhealthy
A quick search on the Web points to “no” as the most reasonable answer. Why’s that? Well, for starters, do you have gallons of green dye just lying around? Even if you do, are you prepared to clean up the aftermath?

Adding any chemicals or substances to your pool alters the chlorine and pH levels. Every pool requires a balanced amount of each because the water can become infested with bacteria. The color and texture might turn murky and green – the dirty kind – not how you imagined celebrating St. Patty’s Day.

Not to mention, an unbalanced pool can make you sick. Have you heard of a recreational waterborne illness? You can get one if you accidentally swallow pool water, or if you’re swimming in contaminated water, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sometimes people get RWIs simply from breathing around the pool. Mists of the water can get in your nose or mouth, even if you’re just sunbathing or reading a book by the water.

Pool damage
Aside from medical risks, dyeing your pool green can damage your property. The deck and tiles might need more than a good scrubbing to remove the coloring. Using any type of dye is risky. Anyone who frequently dyes his or her hair knows to not wear a nice shirt to the hair salon, or if you use box dye at home because it might not wash out of your clothes.

Don’t dye your pool unless you’re prepared for a major cleanup. Instead, get ready for a St. Patty’s Day pool party by getting your chemicals balanced. Call Fort Worth, San Diego, Las Vegas or Phoenix pool service professionals.