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Can cracked concrete ruin your pool?

San Diego pool owners can enjoy their pools year-round, which can be remarkable for helping people enjoy the benefits of fun in the sun every day that they choose.

While pools themselves can enhance the aesthetic quality of a home and are a great setting for hosting get-togethers with friends and family members, individuals who are eager to maintain the look and appeal of their swimming areas should consider the benefits of working with a San Diego pool service, as these professionals can take care of pool maintenance and other issues that may emerge during the course of a pool’s lifespan.

Pool professionals can be essential for helping overcome unique challenges, like cracked concrete at the base of a pool. If your pool is made of concrete, this can be particularly problematic and can lead to many problems down the line.

What causes cracked concrete?
For those with concrete pools, an issue like a cracked concrete surface can reduce the enjoyment that is gained from swimming.

But what causes this? While people who live in areas like San Diego may wonder if this is the result of earthquakes, it can actually occur if the soil underneath a pool deck becomes wet or damp. This can cause the soil to expand and create cracks in the surface of concrete that will damage a pool’s integrity over time.

Concrete pool maintenance
Many individuals opt to install fiberglass or vinyl pool liners on their properties, but for those who have concrete pools, there are distinct advantages to using this type of pool.

One of the unique advantages of concrete pools is that they can be designed to be large enough to accommodate a range of people, and they can include vanishing edges and other remarkable features that can significantly enhance the quality of a pool.

However, concrete pools also require a substantial amount of long-term upkeep, and may need to be updated every 10 to 20 years, including renovating the tiling of a pool’s surface. In addition, concrete pools can be porous and may be more susceptible to algae growth, which means working with a pool professional is necessary to reduce this possibility.

To learn more about pool maintenance service options in San Diego, you should reach out to an expert in your area today.