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Build the perfect Phoenix pool deck

A pool isn't just a place to go swimming, it's place for people to congregate. Whether it's just the family or you're throwing a party, having a pool deck that fits your home is essential to personalizing your pool, and Phoenix pool service can help.

Figure out what your needs are   
It's important that your Phoenix pool deck matches not just your personality, but your lifestyle. For example, ceramic tile may not be the best choice if there are little ones running around as it becomes slippery when wet. If you're hoping to make the deck a centerpiece of parties on the weekend, you'll have different needs than those who want a relaxing place to sunbathe and sip on a frosty beverage. Consult a Phoenix Poolman representative and get started on your remodeling project. 

Stylish water features to spruce up your pool 
Once Poolman has remodeled the deck surface to your specifications, it's time to think about giving your pool deck some pizzazz. Poolman has a selection of wok pots to choose from, which pour a sparkling stream of water from the deck into your pool. It's a subtle and charming addition to any pool deck. If you're looking for something a little more dramatic, Phoenix Pool Service can build a waterfall from natural rocks that will add a breathtaking splash to the decor.

Home Design Lover offers a number of suggestions for picking the right type of waterfall, or combination of water features. To create a more stimulating atmosphere, a waterfall that falls from high up would be the way to to go. If you'd prefer a more peaceful setting, choose a design that has the water falling from a shorter distance. 

Design details      
Arizona isn't exactly the greenest place on the planet, so adding plants to the design plan may seem like a futile enterprise. Fortunately, Calloway's Nursery lists a selection of plants that are native to the Southwest. Potted plants such as cedar sage and purple skullcap can add a splash of color to compliment your Phoenix pool deck.    

House Beautiful magazine has some great tips to help you choose the furniture for your pool deck. Wicker furniture is a classic choice that can still pop with the right design elements. If you're going for a cozy yet festive atmosphere, colorful cushions are a must. If you really want to brighten things up, go for the white painted wicker. If you'd prefer a more subdued look, the traditional natural wicker should be right up your alley. 

If you'd prefer a more modern style sleek you want the clean lines and design that you'll find with aluminum furniture. Aluminum will stay cool in the hot Phoenix sun, won't rust and is lightweight making it easy to move.

Wrought iron furniture is generally considered more old fashioned, but there are cleanly designed modern options as well. It requires more care than aluminum as it will rust over time, but it's a very durable material. 

Let your imagination run wild, and design the the pool deck you've always wanted.