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Benefits of switching to a saltwater pool

Did you know that saltwater pools have existed since 1930? A lot has changed since then, and salt systems certainly have become much more popular lately. If you currently have a chlorinated pool and want to know the benefits of switching to a saltwater pool, we have you covered. Here's what you should know about making the switch.

1. Comfort and Health
You own a pool because you want to relax on weekends rather than spend your morning adding chemicals and waiting to swim. A saltwater pool has less chlorine in it, keeping you and your family away from odorous and possibly dangerous chemicals. Never again will you have to "shock" your pool to even out the chemical balance.

Have you ever gotten out of a chlorinated pool to find your skin felt dried out? With a salt system that will be a thing of the past. In a saltwater pool, the chlorine levels remain much more even. According to SwimInComfort, the result is softer skin and less irritation. Another benefit of constant chlorine levels is the reduced risk of over-chlorinating.

According to BlueScience, excess chlorine leaves behind chloramines. Chloramines are what cause blonde hair to turn green and brand new bathing suits to fade. Say goodbye to dry red eyes and hello to more clear-looking water. As an added bonus, that chlorine smell will be a thing of the past.

2. Saving Money
Chlorine simply costs more than common salt. And even though they're called saltwater pools, there is far less salt in them than in the ocean. While it may cost money to install the saltwater system, you should recoup than money in just over a year thanks to saving on chemicals. Even better, you only need to add salt to your pool once a season, rather than adding chlorine sticks to your filter every few days.

3. It's better for the environment!
Not only does a salt system help the area around you, but it also reduces the impact of chemicals on a larger scale. While saltwater pools do need chemicals, they will be added less often and only when chemical levels appear to be uneven. Fewer chemicals mean fewer bottles that they come in and less plastic getting wasted. No more huge buckets or dozens of small chemical packets. Also, the more people have saltwater pools means fewer manufactured chemicals being produced. That in turn causes fewer deliveries and fewer trucks on the road.

Saltwater pools are also fairly self-sustainable. Once you add enough salt, the chlorinator turns that salt into chlorine. Once the chlorine cleans the pool, it turns back into salt.