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Benefits and tips for installing heater in your San Diego pool

Poolman currently has a coupon that allows you to save $75 on a new heater for your San Diego pool. Here are some benefits of having a heater in your pool and some tips to keep in mind when using one.

More swimming
A heater can provide you and your family with many more days and nights spent swimming. According to WeatherSpark, the average high temperature in San Diego during July is 75 degrees, while the low is 67 degrees. Also, besides temperature, there are lots of other environmental effects that can change your pool water temperature. Humidity and wind speed can cause your pool to become colder.

Your pool also can lose up to 5 degrees overnight, especially when the air temperature is lower than your pool temperature. By turning on the heater in the morning, you can ensure that your children wake up early and swim. You can even get some solo swimming time by heating your pool early or late at night when the air gets cold.

By installing a heater in your pool, you can ensure that your pool always stays the perfect temperature despite the weather.

Health benefits
Pool Center states that a properly heated pool can safeguard health. Swimming is often regarded as one of the best cardiovascular exercises. Hydrotherapy also calls for pool water to be set at higher temperatures.

Young children and the elderly need water 80 degrees or warmer because it prevents chilling and other problems caused by low body heat. A common problem among the young and old is respiratory infections from having too low of a body temperature.

The American Red Cross recommends keeping your recreational pool at 78 degrees or higher. Furthermore, for physical therapy purposes, it suggests keeping your pool around 90 degrees.

Quick tips
Ask your San Diego pool service which type of pool heater is best for your pool, neighborhood and personal situation. Some heaters use natural gas, while others use solar energy.

After your heater is installed, experiment with different temperature settings to find the perfect fit for you. Keep a thermometer in your pool even if your heater has a digital gauge. This will ensure that you have accurate results and prevent wasting energy on heating your pool.

Keep your heater off when you know you aren't swimming that day and consider shutting it off at the end of every day. If you go on vacation for more than a couple days, make sure you turn your pool heater off.

If you have any questions regarding the coupon or running your pool heater, contact your local San Diego pool service.