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Be on the lookout for these pool trends

Just like fashion, swimming pools trends come and go depending on what's popular. This year it's social events, at-home fitness and interior design influences that can be seen in modern pool features. If you like to be on the up-and-up, consider some of these pool renovations for 2014.

Health and wellness
These days, owning a pool is about more than just having a good time. People use it as a means to stay healthy and active. Although working out has been on this country's radar for quite some time, recently, working out at home has gained some traction. Shape magazine reported that gyms are expected to launch a number of online platforms where people can stream their routines via televisions and laptops. The swimming pool might morph into a gym locker room amenity – offering fitness enthusiasts a place to cool off and relax when they're done.

People are increasingly upgrading to salt system generators that pump sodium instead of an excessive amount of chlorine into the pool. Salt systems have gained popularity because they make a swimming pool feel more like a spa. If you've ever had the pleasure of stepping into a sauna post-workout than you can imagine the divine pleasures of a salt system.

Whether you're a runner, tennis player or just a busy person, a dip in your salty pool can induce the feelings of relaxation that your body yearns for. You'll feel refreshed and silky smooth. No wonder salt is taking over the aquatic community.

Interior design structures
In addition to keeping up with fitness trends, people are increasingly giving attention to the layout and design of their swimming pools. This pattern can be seen throughout interior design publications. HGTV featured a Mediterranean pool that was similar to a personal paradise. Designer Steve Chepurny modified the backyard so it was completely private and comfortable. He placed upholstered chairs that are beautiful enough for a king's palace around the pool and also designed a walkway so people could have a grand entrance to the pool.

Directly in front of three steps that led into the water sits a covered seating area that resembles a grand living room. People can read by the fireplace while their children swim in the pool. Chepurny also included a space where families can gather that included tables, chairs and a lanterns.

The "it" place for parties
Evening swims and outdoor gatherings are a classy way to bring together a group of friends and colleagues. Why not have your next work party in your own backyard? Illuminate the water with some LED lights. The way they light up the water will make your entire backyard beautiful. Show off your garden and decorative table tops with this trendy feature.

You can really wow your guests by installing a fountain or two. People have customized their fountains to their liking. Some options are perfect for the kids to splash around in while others add a layer of elegance to the outdoors. Fountains are great conversation starters. Most major cities have them on display. Whether you'd like to relive your bachelorette party in Las Vegas or your vacation to Dubai, you can. 

Fountains, lights and other features that'll boost health and wellness are on the rise. Whether you're remodeling the interior design of your home or you want to enhance your at-home gym, you can upgrade your pool to match your desires.

If you're interested in staying on the up-and-up, call Fort Worth, San Diego or Phoenix pool service professionals. Clients in good standing are eligible for a free salt system.