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Avoid issues with the salt system in your San Diego pool

The decision to switch from standard chlorine to a salt system can lead to many benefits for pool owners. However, some may have misconceptions about what this relatively new technology actually does to the water and its overall functionality. For instance, Pool and Spa News reported that certain owners believe that you can turn on the equipment and simply leave it be, paying no more attention to it.

These kinds of perceptions are common, but can eventually result in complications with the integrity of the pool. While your San Diego pool service company can provide you with ample resources on the proper management of your system, there are issues you may be able to avoid on your own beforehand.

Increased maintenance
According to Blue Science Pools, salt systems have more components in motion due to the chemistry involved in the process. Because electrolysis occurs daily, the pH levels in the water can rise at a higher rate than traditional chlorine. It might become difficult to properly stabilize the chlorine over time.

Despite the potential for an uptick in maintenance, little of it will involve you as an owner. While you'll be responsible for general upkeep, the pool maintenance professionals in San Diego will be more than happy to conduct expert repairs to ensure the integrity of both your pool and salt system.

Instances of corrosion
Living near the water on the West Coast, you might be familiar with the corrosion that can occur from salty air and water. Anything that's made of metal can be susceptible to the atmospheric corrosion from salt, as explained by Intec-America. It can eat away at chain link fences, furniture, wrought iron gates and so on.

While the chances of corrosion are increased by the presence of a salt system, your home and yard don't need to suffer the consequences. With proper management of the chlorinator, you can prevent overexposure to the negative effects of salty air. 

Despite the concerns that can be mounted against salt water chlorination systems, the pros far outweigh the cons for owners. Blue Science stated that salt water pools feel smoother on the skin and hair and support more natural water than traditional chlorinated swimming areas. If you have any questions or concerns about them, Poolman Pool Service is your best choice for professional advice and maintenance in the San Diego area.