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Arizona legislation requires inspection of home pools

As of June 1, Home Inspector Certification requires that certified home inspectors comply with the March 11, 2011, Arizona Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors Standards for Professional Practice for the Inspection of Swimming Pools and Spas.

This was initially adopted on Feb. 28, 2012. It mandates that inspectors assess these components of a pool or salt system:

  • Interior finish materials
  • Decks, steps and coping
  • Pumps, motors, blowers, skimmer, filter, drains, heater, automatic safety controls, gauges, visible piping and valves
  • Water supply systems for cross connections
  • External bonding of the pump motors, blowers and heaters
  • Electrical components
  • Handrails and ladders
  • Presence of child-safe barrier provisions
  • Presence of entrapment prevention components

Home inspections are crucial to a pool’s maintenance, safety and longevity. As a pool owner, you can do your part too. You should keep your eyes peeled for obvious problems, such as cracking or chipping on the deck or tiles, light outages, mildew buildup, leaks, gaps in caulking, and broken pumps, motors and filters. If you find any of these mishaps, you can call your local Phoenix Poolman professionals today, who are ready to help you keep your pool properly maintained.