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Are you up to speed on diving board safety tips?

For kids and adults alike, one of the most fun aspects of having a swimming pool is being able to jump in and enjoy the water whenever the urge strikes. But where and how you jump in matters, because not all jumping or diving techniques and areas of the pool are safe. However, if you have a diving board attached to your pool, whether it’s always been there or you recently underwent Phoenix pool remodeling, this is a prime place to work on your cannonballs or dives. But before you jump in, there are several safety rules to keep in mind.

Don’t dive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
It’s never a good idea to use a diving board after a few drinks or after using drugs. notes that these substances can impair your judgment and reaction time, making physical activities like jumping or diving into the pool dangerous.

Don’t run onto the board
The source also states that it’s never safe to run around the pool area or run up to the edge of the diving board, as the surfaces can be slippery and running makes it difficult to adjust for mistakes or obstacles.

Wait for everyone else to clear the area
When there are multiple people using the pool, it’s important to make sure that everyone’s out of the way before you jump or dive into the water. If you’re following someone else’s dive, wait until that person is at the side of the pool before you jump in. Also, don’t forget to be on the lookout for those who may be swimming underwater.

Only one person should be on the board at a time
While kids like to play with their friends and often like the idea of jumping in at the same time, it’s important not to allow more than one person on the diving board at a time, which could lead to slips or injuries.

Children should be monitored at all times
Kids are especially creative when it comes to how they jump into pools, but things like back flips, front flips and handstand dives aren’t safe if they’re not being taught under the supervision of a professional. Keep an eye on kids who use your pool to make sure that they aren’t engaging in any risky behavior.

Keep bouncing to a minimum
While it’s common to see professional divers bounce multiple times on diving boards, the reality is that this can be dangerous in private pools. Those athletes need to get more height to do their flips and turns, but you and your kids don’t need added height to enjoy jumping into your salt system!