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Are you ready to give your Phoenix pool a makeover?

As the colder months loom in the near future, many pool owners in the Phoenix area might be hanging up their swimming trunks until spring. However, the fall and winter are among the best times to take another look at your pool and establish which projects, additions, repairs and remodelings might need to occur to make the swimming environment even more comfortable next year.

Poolman offers a wide variety of services to improve your pool, including repair and remodeling support and feature installation. As your Phoenix area pool service provider, Poolman will consult with you to determine the best plan of action in accordance with your specific needs, desires and resources, completing the chosen projects in a timely and exceptional fashion.

Your pool’s desirability and performance will be contingent upon the cleanliness of the water, the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding environment and the overall maintenance of all equipment and components of the underlying structure. As all of these aspects are difficult to properly manage for the average homeowner, it’s often best to tap the experts for their support.

5 potential projects
Once you’ve decided to take the next step toward a better swimming environment, here are some of the remodeling services Poolman offers to optimize your pool:

  1. Deck remodeling: Your pool’s deck will be one of the areas that most quickly deteriorates when not adequately maintained and managed. What’s more, this area is often most associated with the overall aesthetic of the pool, especially for visitors who are hanging out before and after taking a dip in the water. Poolman can ensure that concrete slabs are in their proper positions and maintain original texture. Additionally, deck remodeling can make for a safer environment for visitors.
  2. Interior resurfacing: The interior of your pool is critical for water quality and the overall image of the environment. As such, you need to ensure that the walls aren’t deteriorating, chipping or becoming covered in unwanted materials such as algae. Poolman can resurface your pool’s interior, regardless of whether it’s made of pebble, plaster or quartz. This project is especially advantageous when the pool is closed for the winter.
  3. Safety additions: The pool should always be a comfortable area of the home where family and friends can go to take a load off. However, this is contingent upon the overall safety of the structure and water. Poolman can install in-pool steps and handrails to make it easier for older visitors and younger children to enter the water at their own pace. These safety additions will often further decrease slip and fall hazards that are most prevalent when entering the water.
  4. Visual and audible features: If you’re stumped on how to make your pool more aesthetically pleasing because it’s already in good shape, consider calling Poolman to install some exciting features. You can choose between sheer descents, waterfalls, wok pots and gushers, while all of these options will add the sound of flowing or bubbling water and greater visual appeal. Nothing makes for a more relaxing swim or nap than these exceptional water features.
  5. Salt systemYour water can be made far healthier and more comfortable by installing a salt system. These pieces of equipment will better regulate the pool’s chemical balance, while also adding a therapeutic edge to the water that will be noticed and enjoyed by all visitors.

Poolman has you covered
No two pools are the same, and no two owners desire the same types of environments in their backyards. As such, you should always consider calling Poolman to consult about what your pool needs, as well as which projects will help you achieve the most optimal environments.

From regular maintenance requirements to larger projects, Poolman can handle all of your Phoenix area pool service needs.