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Alluring water features can embellish pools in metro Phoenix

The simplest way to add luxury to a pool in the Phoenix, Scottsdale or Tempe area is to treat it to a water feature remodel from your Poolman Phoenix pool service.  

Pools, as you know, are not just for swimming: They're also for enjoying, savoring and entertaining. Pool lovers, from small toddlers to seniors, can't seem to resist the look and feel of a gushing waterspout or gentle waterfall, and yours is just a phone call away.

Contact your Phoenix pool remodeling professionals for pricing and installation of the fun, frivolous water features that will make your pool the highlight of the neighborhood. These include:

  • Waterfalls – often tropic rainforest style, where natural rocks create a hilly path for the water to flow 
  • Scupper – water moves across a small ledge before falling into the pool
  • Sheer descents – a sizable sheet of water drapes into the pool
  • Gushers – bubbling water comes up from underneath, generating relaxing sights and sounds
  • Wok pots – deck-top pots stream water through an opening into the pool. 

Work ways with water
Given the incredibly extensive variety of water features, Luxury Pools added to the list, in which options are differentiated largely by where the water comes from and where it goes:

  • Deck jet or fountain spitter – simple, affordable feature that sends a stream of water from the deck into the pool
  • Sheetfall – sheet of water that flows down from a thin, flattened spillway
  • Fountain bubbler – water shoots up from the bottom of the pool, falling back on itself, geyser-style
  • Laminar jet – creates a powerful curve of water, often camouflaged in the landscaping and lit by colorful LEDs at night
  • Rainfall –  thin streams of water pour down from an elevated beam to create a water curtain
  • Sconce – a narrow river of water streams from a wall-mounted bracket 

Unleash your imagination
Your ideas, combined with the expertise of Poolman Phoenix, can transform a lovely pool into a spectacular one. 

HGTV offered a variety of thought-starters from which you may find inspiration for innovative water gadgets of your own. In one of the ideas, a stone water feature emerges in the corner of a yard, creating an engaging focal point for sunbathing or a backyard barbecue, while in another, a fountain is part of a paved walkway.

Home Design Lover showcased a range of waterfalls from simple pool additions to elegant transformations that take advantage of nature's own landscaping. Also included are ideas for connecting pool and Jacuzzi via a waterfall – an option your Poolman pro will be pleased to discuss with you. 

Retrofitting made easy
For all Phoenix pool remodels, the best course is to consult your Poolman representative, and water features are no exception. With some relatively inexpensive and simply installed and others more complex and costly, it's best to let an expert guide you and customize the remodel to reflect your tastes and budget.

Knowing it's worthwhile
Luxury Pools quoted Scott Cohen, pool designer and garden artisan at The Green Scene, Canoga Park, Calif. on the real value of water features, and he called attention to their fluidity of motion.

"They reflect sunlight in interesting ways. In fact, laminar jets will actually create a prism effect. If you have a vanishing edge or perimeter overflow, you get this beautiful mirror-like surface where the water is undisturbed," said Cohen. He then disclosed one more secret to making the features work: linking pool and spa.

"We often use water features that flow from the spa to the pool because you get the most bang for your buck," Cohen said. "They require no additional pumps – just the circulation pump, which you're running anyway."