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A closer look at why salt systems are good for your San Diego pool

Have you ever read stories about individuals traveling far and wide to swim in the most salt-rich lakes, oceans and seas for medical purposes? This has been a practice since the beginning of recorded history, especially in areas that are nearby water systems that have high saline content such as the Dead Sea, the Great Salt Lake and others.

While you might take a look at these stories and dream of traveling to such exotic locations for these health-related reasons, a trip to Israel might not be in the cards. However, if you have a San Diego pool, keep a regular maintenance schedule with Poolman and are in good standing, you might not have to travel anywhere but your backyard to swim in salt water.

Poolman offers all of its clients free salt system installations when the homeowners keep up with bill payments and regular maintenance visits. There is truly nothing to lose from getting these systems installed, while homeowners also have everything to gain when converting to salt water.

As the leading provider of San Diego area pool services, Poolman also offers a variety of other products and services to improve your swimming and lounging experience. However, for the sake of this specific discussion, you might want to know what exactly to expect from salt systems in your pool.

Recognized medical benefits
Homeowners who are still not sold on the idea of changing their traditional swimming environment to one that is driven by salt systems should consider these health benefits of the latter:

  • Fewer harmful chemicals: Yahoo! explained that many chemicals which have been used to maintain safe water for swimming are relatively dangerous and expensive, most notably chlorine. Additionally, these chemicals, even when used properly, can be harmful to the skin and irritate respiratory systems. However, with a salt system, Yahoo! explained that the pool will not be as reliant upon these chemicals, as a natural saline-chlorine solution will be distributed into the water.
  • Skin and bones: Salt water has been found to have a profound therapeutic effect on certain skin and bone conditions. For example, many individuals will soak certain injuries in a bath of Epsom salt, as it releases tension and can help to heal certain irritations. As such, a pool that has higher salt content will be more therapeutic for those who need relief from arthritis pain and dermatological issues.
  • Your wallet: Several sources agree that the only expense that is tied to salt systems which would surpass those of traditional chemical balancing is the installation. However, with Poolman, the cost of installation will be waived when you’re in good standing. Hence, you can expect fewer expenses for general maintenance when using salt systems.
  • Environment: Chlorine and other chemicals can be significantly dangerous to the environment, and salt systems have been found to improve the eco-friendliness of the average private pool. According to Blue Science, pools that use salt systems rather than traditional chlorine balancing procedures are far more environmentally sound, and can make the pool a greener, more preferable area for eco-conscious individuals.

Call Poolman today
Poolman started servicing the Greater Phoenix area roughly four decades ago, and revolutionized the industry through its free salt system strategy. It’s since spread to Fort Worth and San Diego, homeowners in these areas now have access to the most competitive and advantageous pool services in the Western states today.

Regardless of whether you want a salt system or simply need routine maintenance done on a regular basis, Poolman has you covered. Don’t wait for your pool to start showing signs of health risks or poor aesthetic appeals, call today to get 2014 off on the right foot.