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8 advantages of upgrading your pool

You might think that renovating your swimming pool is an annoyance because it costs you time and money. However, there are upsides to it too. Here are eight to consider.

1. Improves health
Whether you use your pool for fitness or not, it can still help you lead a healthier life. According to Better Health Channel, the low-impact workout offers mental and physical benefits. Need a mood booster? Just go for a dip. Want to tone your legs and arms? Do some laps. Even swimming a few times a week beats being a couch potato.

2. Makes your skin glow
Installing a salt system can have physical benefits that span beyond losing weight or toning your muscles. Because the generators let out a significantly less amount of salt than chlorine generators, you won’t have to worry about rashes or green hair. Additionally, a salt system can make your skin more radiant because the substance is touted as a great way to exfoliate.

3. Provides for a safer environment
Do you have children or elderly relatives? Then you can appreciate how important it is to have a pool that not only functions, but can be a safe environment for all swimmers. You can make your backyard less of a risk by installing steps, ladders and a gate. It’s also important to have your pool chemicals balanced so you can reduce the chance of swimmers getting a recreational waterborne illness.

4. Brings your family closer together
If your pool is unappealing, chances are no one is really using it. However, if you upgrade it, you might find that your kids, husband and even your neighbors are more likely to hop in and take a dip. Just like how a nice, sit-down dinner can unite relatives, a pool can as well. Spruce up your backyard and host family reunions and other social events. It can serve as the hub for your family’s bonding.

5. Reduces your stress
Are you feeling overwhelmed by work or some other aspect of your life? Did you know that exercise, even done minimally, can alleviate anxious feelings? Invest in your pool so you can use it as a method to reduce your stress levels. As stated by the American Psychological Society, people who are physically active have lower rates of depression and anxiety.

6. Enhances the aesthetic
Let’s not forget that having your deck repaired not only makes your pool a safer place, but it makes your house look that much better. It’s like remodeling the kitchen. Who doesn’t love having shiny new appliances and adorable little knick-knacks? Upgrading your pool can be your next big interior design project. Find enjoyment in remodeling the backyard to turn it into a space that you’ve only dreamed of having.

7. Saves you money in the long run
Keeping up with minor repairs and pool cleanings can actually keep you from overspending down the road. If you let something small go by the wayside it’s only going to get worse, and you could be stuck with replacing your whole deck as opposed to just making a few alterations. Factor pool maintenance into your budget each month so you don’t end up having to shell out a large sum of money unexpectedly.

8. Makes working out more fun
Just about anyone you ask has particular workout routines that seem daunting. If you love to swim, you won’t have to worry about exercise getting boring, as there are a number of water sports and routines that you can learn.

If these advantages appeal to you, call Fort Worth, San Diego or Phoenix pool service professionals. Clients in good standing are eligible for a free salt system.