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5 ways to make your swimming pool more efficient in hot weather

Being a pool owner has its obvious perks. Nothing beats jumping into that cool water in a hot, dry climate like Phoenix has when the sun is beating down on you. By learning how to help your pool run more efficiently you'll save money and do some good for the environment. 

Keep the water where it belongs
Leakage and evaporation can cause headaches for pool owners as they take the water from your manmade oasis and spirit it away. According to an article in the Sun Sentinel even a very small hole can leak 6,300 gallons of water causing homeowners' water bills to skyrocket. Other potential – though less likely – hazards include water leaking underground into your home or causing a sinkhole in the yard. Poolman's Phoenix pool service can fix any leaks in your system, and if you're uncertain about whether or not you have one, call and Poolman can check. 

Install a timer on your pump
Your pool pump circulates water throughout your pool so that chemicals are properly distributed and debris is filtered out. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, water needs to circulate for at least six hours or more per day to remain clean. In hot summer months, you may need to run the pump as much as an hour for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the outdoor thermometer. If you reduce circulation and still find that your water isn't as clean as it should be, increase the amount of time the pump is on by a half an hour until you achieve the desired result. A timer will allow for you to have your water circulate at certain intervals during the day, rather than for a few hours straight, making water circulate at a more steady pace.

Choose the right pump
The DOE cited a study by the Center of Energy Conservation at Florida Atlantic University that found most homeowners saved a significant amount of money on their electric bills by reducing the size of their pumps. Doing so can also bring maintenance costs down. According to the study a pump with 0.75 horsepower is generally sufficient for a residential pool, but this can vary depending on the size of your pool. Consult a Phoenix pool maintenance representative to find out what size pump is perfect for your pool.

Get the temperature just right
The temperature for pool water usually stays in the 78 to 82 degrees range, depending on how warm the climate in which the pool is built is. The DOE says that for each degree a pool's temperature rises, the electricity cost can increase by 10-30 percent. The percentage increases in warmer areas like Phoenix. Although 78 degrees is the temperature recommended for competitive swimmers, the ideal temperature for elderly people and children is 80 degrees. If the weather is cooling down or you're going away for the weekend turn the heater off entirely. Contrary to popular pool mythology, reheating your pool is less expensive than leaving it on – and unused – for a long period of time.  

Keep up with pool maintenance
Keeping your filter clean can increase the efficiency of it and increase its lifetime according to Living Green Magazine. Cleaning the pump is a bit more involved, but it can be done. Shut the pump off, open the basket and clean it then prime the pump before restarting it. Phoenix pool service has an excellent selection of filters and pumps if your pool needs a fresh start. Another simple way to maintain the health of your pool is to skim the debris from it regularly.

Use these simple tips to help keep your electricity and water bills down, and your pool fresh and running smoothly.