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5 ways to make your pool feel more like Disneyland

The cat's out of the bag – people love Disneyland. It was the most tagged place of the year on Instagram, thanks to the geo location feature. If you and your kids are just as excited as everyone else, why not use the Magic Kingdom and other special elements of the park to inspire your pool and backyard decor? Here are five ways to make your pool feel more like Disneyland – the happiest place on earth. 

1. Fountains
Give your backyard a whimsical feel by letting Fort Worth, San Diego or Phoenix pool service professionals install a fountain for you. The running waters will make you feel like you're living in your own fairy tale, or bring you back to your vacation spent at the water park.

2. Cabana
Of course, if your kids love the Disney princesses just as much as the next bunch, you'll want to give them a fortress for playtime. Consider a cabana or gazebo as some type of structure to resemble Cinderella's castle. Bonus: Your kids will have a shady place to cool off, grab a snack and reapply sunscreen. 

3. LED lights
Illuminate your backyard like the Disney theme park on the Fourth of July by investing in some LED lights. Just think with all of that light, you'll make memories that are just as good as a family vacation. Whether you want to extend your summer barbecues or lie in the hammock with your little ones for a fairy tale bedtime story – a little extra light is the way to go.

4. Sound system
Play your favorite Disney soundtracks over a new sound system. You and your family can sing along to songs like "It's a Small World" while you play around in the water. There's nothing like some sweet music to your ears to bring you back to the magical days spent in Disney. Just remember your safety rules when you're using speakers and electronics near the water. Be sure they're installed far away from any water. 

5. Salt system
What would a family vacation be if mom and dad didn't get to treat themselves once in a while? Even at Disney, you can pamper yourself with a day at the spa, as stated on the theme park's website. Now you can make your swimming pool induce the same sense of relaxation with a salt system. You can exfoliate while the kids splash around. It's a win-win.