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5 ways to make sure your pool is ready for the July Fourth weekend

With the Fourth of July only days away, you may be brainstorming with your family and friends how to celebrate the most-anticipated holiday of the summer. And what better way than to do it right in your own yard?

Phoenix pool owners can have the most ideal Fourth of July party right outside their home. They can turn it into a BBQ or cookout, or have friends and family bring over their own homemade plates to make it potluck-style. Either way, with a little food and pool fun, this year’s Independence Day can be memorable.

If any of these ideas work for you, here are some tips on how to ensure your pool and surrounding area are ready for guests later this week.

1. Check chemical balance
Pool chemicals need to be checked and balanced frequently. This is important, as having adequate disinfectant agent levels eliminates pathogens in the water that could potentially be harmful to swimmers. Most commonly, chlorine is used to carry out this task. The chemical reacts with the water to form various chemicals that kill lingering bacteria.

While this chemical reaction works well, over time, the chemical will degrade and become less effective in killing pathogens. This is why pool owners need to monitor levels and add chlorine when necessary.

So in the days leading up to July Fourth, make sure you check your chemical levels. This can be done as easily as picking up the phone to call your local Phoenix Poolman professionals who can get the job done.

2. Brushing, baskets and backwashing
In addition to checking the chemicals in your pool, Poolman professionals offer a large variety of other pool maintenance services that can get your pool in tip-top shape for a July Fourth bash. Poolman offers a weekly service that brushes, empties baskets and backwashes as needed in order to keep your pool clean and functioning as it should.

3. Replace filters
From time to time, pool filters need to be replaced. Pool owners can recognize when this is necessary by keeping an eye out for certain things. For instance, major indicators include weak water returns from the filters, an inefficient in-floor cleaning system and murky water.

Before hosting a party, you may want to make sure your pool’s filters are functioning efficiently. It’s important to keep in mind that filters should be cleaned or changed a couple times a year, especially if the pool is used year-round.

4. Do an all-around check
If you haven’t paid attention to some of the finer details of your pool in a while, it may be the perfect time to do so. Even little things like a chip in the pool deck or a gap in the caulking can lead to bigger issues if not addressed.

As a pool owner, you may be uncertain as to how to go about doing an all-around check. This is why you should let Poolman professionals step in to do the job. Not only can they identify problems, but they can also perform a various repair services to keep your pool working properly.

Issues such as leaks can cause anxiety in pool owners. To avoid worrying thoughts, you should reach out to the experts who have repaired these nuances time and time again.

5. Make sure the lights work
Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean that the party has to stop. In fact, with lights installed in your pool, your family and friends can keep swimming well into the night if they please.

If you don’t currently have lights installed in your pool, consider reaching out to your local Poolman professionals, who can help get you situated so that your pool is ready for late-night swims.