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5 types of decks

Are you tired of the look of your backyard? Changing your Phoenix pool's deck surface can change the whole aesthetic and bring new life to your pool area. When choosing a new deck, consider color, size and who's most likely to be using it because these will all affect your decision. The Phoenix sun can get hot on a dark color, while small children would enjoy a smoother surface to play on. There's a wide selection of deck surfaces to choose from, so here are five options.

1. Wood
This is a popular choice as it can give your backyard a natural look. It doesn't cost a lot and you can always paint the surface to change up the style. According to, wood is an ideal choice for above ground pools. However, this type of decking works well no matter what. It's not as slippery as other surfaces, but it does require a little bit more maintenance to keep it looking good year-round.

2. Composite wood
Like the aesthetic of wood, but want to avoid splinters? Composite wood is for you then. This requires very little maintenance as it won't fade or wear. It's also more expensive than normal wood because composite wood is made from polymer materials. It may get unpredictable when wet, but the cracks between boards allow for drainage.

3. Stone
Stone decks come in a variety of shapes and colors. The Landscaping Network reported that these surfaces are among the most expensive, but it'll make your backyard look natural. This surface can get warm under direct sunlight, but because it isn't slippery, you can get it wet.

4. Tile
This works best in small areas around the edge of the pool, but it's not recommended if you have children as tiles can get very slippery. They come in an array of sizes, shapes and colors much like stone, but it's not as expensive of an option. With tile, you also can choose different color caulking and shapes to create patterns.

5. Pavers
This surface has a lot of variety and is very common. They're textured slabs of concrete with different materials embedded such as stone, brick or shells. Pavers are placed in separate pieces and held together with caulking in order to prevent water leaks. This material can get warm in the sun depending on what's embedded, but they're rarely slippery. The cost is on the lower end of the spectrum. Ask your local Phoenix pool remodeling company for some samples to find the perfect aesthetic for your backyard.