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5 things you need to know if you’re a new pool owner

Buying a pool is a lot like getting a new puppy – with the exception of having to walk it during the cold winter. You'll want to take care of it, buy it new things and show it off to your friends. The experience can also be overwhelming, as is being a new pet mommy or daddy, because plenty of things will crop up along the way. You'll learn more about pools than you ever knew existed, and you'll come across problems if you don't know any better. Don't let your lack of knowledge keep you from being the best pool owner that you can be – here are five things all newbies should know. 

1. Pool service providers are a life saver!
Literally and figuratively. It's like finding your pup a good vet. A pool service provider keeps your pool water clean and sanitary, which in turn keeps swimmers from getting a recreational waterborne illness. 

Immediately after you get a new pool, you should find a reputable maintenance and repair company. If you're in the market for one, call Fort Worth, San Diego or Phoenix pool service professionals. Clients in good standing are eligible for a free salt system, which brings us to the next point. 

2. Chlorine can be a real hassle
Invest in a salt system and save yourself from emergency trips to the store for chlorine in between chemical balances. It's not to say that chlorine is the worst, but it certainly isn't as convenient or skin-friendly as salt.

The salt generators still distribute some chlorine, so you won't have to worry about a dirty pool. Not to mention, your hair is less likely to turn green if you swim frequently. 

3. Not having certain features is illegal
It's important to note that some pool features are mandatory. For example, Arizona state law requires residents to replace pool pumps or pool pump motors when the current one stops working. In many other places, it's either suggested or required under law that pool owners put up a fence or gate.

These precautions are for your own good. Not only do they keep you and your loved ones safe, but they can save you money. A variable speed motor or pump can save you upward $1,300 a month on your electricity bill. 

4. Shopping for features is fun
There's a common misconception that buying things for your pool is a drag. Prior to having a swimming area right in your own backyard, you might have just thought that upgrading the pool meant routine procedures, like a new deck or plumbing system. However, you may find that shopping for features is a blast.

Many people have made pool decorating a hobby. A quick search on Pinterest yields just how far swimming pool decor has come. It's also a chance to buy some cool new furniture for the backyard. Have some fun with it. 

5. Drinking by the pool is never a good idea
As much as you're craving an ice cold margarita by the pool, you may want to reconsider, or at least make it a virgin. The sobering truth is that a number of drowning deaths involved alcohol consumption over the years. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has urged people to avoid alcohol before or during swimming. Even if you're not planning on going in the water, it can impair your judgment and you may get hurt.