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5 things every pool owner should have

Having the right equipment can make your pool more sanitary and beautiful! In between maintenance visits, your pool undergoes some serious wear and tear. From chemical residue around the surface to twigs and branches that fall in after a thunderstorm, there isn't just one way to keep it clean. Here are five things every pool owner should have. 

1. Skimmer
Think of your pool as the kitchen floor but instead of crumbs, there's a constant collection of twigs, branches, leaves, hair and other items that people bring into the water. Imagine what your kitchen would look like if you left all of the food on the floor? It wouldn't be pretty. Treat your pool with the same regard and buy a skimmer or two to remove large items from the surface. You should do this every other day. 

2. Sweeper
You should also invest in a sweeper, which is just a fancy word for a pool vacuum. Some of the options attach to the side of the pool and suction garbage out of it. There are even sweepers that dive down into the water and move along the bottom of the pool and clean up debris.

3. Scrubber
Oftentimes, chlorine will build up and around the swimming pool. It'll leave a noticeable residue, which is why you should invest in a brush with a long pole. You don't want to strain your back by getting on your hands and knees a few days a week to scrub your pool tiles and deck. 

4. Pool test kit
Pools are rich in chlorine. Anytime you're dealing with chemicals, it's a good idea to know the quantity and the effects of each of them. Although it's better to let someone balance your pool for you, you should buy a pool test kit as well. Think of it like having a fire extinguisher in your house. You're not necessarily going to put out a major fire but it can potentially help you out. Get a pool testing kit so you can tell if your chemicals need to be balanced.

Not only can a chemical imbalance make your skin itch, but it can also make you sick. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people should be aware of recreation waterborne illnesses, which chlorine helps to prevent, so that swimmers can stay healthy and minimize the risk of injury. 

5. A pool man
Finally, you should have a good pool service that you can call in a pinch. Call Fort Worth, San Diego or Phoenix pool service professionals if you'd like to have your water inspected or balanced. The companies also provide regular maintenance, repairs and remodels. 

The company offers a free salt system to regular clients. Having a generator with less chlorine could even cut back on your pool chores, wouldn't that be nice?

Keep your pool clean and safe so your family and friends can enjoy it worry free!