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5 projects to make your Phoenix pool more glorious

Like any area of the house, and especially the outside property, your Phoenix pool will need a touch-up and more major renovations from time to time to keep it comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. No matter what type of job you might need done, you can count on Poolman for all of your Phoenix area pool service, renovation, repair and remodeling needs.

Whether it’s the surrounding perimeter that needs to be refinished or the surface on the interior that needs a remodeling job, these projects will quickly add to the experience of taking a swim. Don’t hesitate to get these projects underway, either, as waiting too long will often lead to far more costly and time-consuming jobs down the road.

Nothing beats an updated, well-kept pool in the comfort of your own backyard, and, because you already have the structure in place, why would you settle for a lackluster environment? Call Poolman today to get some new and advanced features added to your pool, as well as a complete makeover of the existing structures and perimeter.

Maintenance and additions
If you’re stumped as to how you can possibly make your favorite area of the property better, consider this list of five services Poolman offers to get the wheels turning:

  1. Pool interior resurfacing: The surface of your pool will generally dictate how nice the water looks, as well as how clean the water will be on a regular basis. Poolman can resurface your pool’s interior regardless of which material it currently consists of, including plaster, pebble and quartz. This project often demands a lot of expertise, patience and attention to detail. Luckily for you, Poolman has a firm commitment to excellence when completing any project for your pool.
  2. Pool deck maintenance: When you get out of the water for a few minutes or lounge on the side of the pool, you’ll want your pool deck to be in tip-top condition. Additionally, a deteriorating deck can lead to safety hazards and other risks. If your deck is beginning to lose its texture, becoming overly slippery when wet or the foundation has started to shift, crack or chip, call Poolman to get these issues taken care of. Poolman can completely remodel your deck according to your specific needs and desires.
  3. Safety feature additions: Your pool should always be a fun place to frequent, and should never come with serious health or safety risks. Poolman can incorporate handrails and in-pool steps to help the pool become safer for children and senior citizens. Additionally, experts from this firm know the compliance requirements and laws, including statutes under the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. With Poolman, you can rest assured knowing that your environment is up to code and ready for visitors.
  4. Water features: Ever crave a little more pizzazz out of your pool? Well, Poolman offers a variety of features to bolster the aesthetic appeal of your favorite investment. You can choose between wok pots, sheer descents, gushers and waterfalls, all of which can be installed in the areas that you choose.
  5. Tile installation: Sometimes the best antidote to a boring or worn-down pool is the installation or replacement of tiles. Poolman can step in and complete this project in a timely fashion, consulting you on potential options for design and materials. You’ll have a lot of creative flexibility when choosing this Phoenix area pool service, as it offers a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors for these underwater appearance drivers.

If you have other ideas as to how to fix up or progress your pool and the surrounding area, call Poolman today to get the projects moving.