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5 new year’s resolutions for your Phoenix pool

As 2013 comes to a close, it’s a perfect time to start writing out a set of resolutions that will guide you on your path in the coming months. While many people have similar goals and promises, such as going to the gym more, eating less junk food and spending less time in front of the television, homeowners might forget to include some resolutions for the way they treat their property.

If you have a pool in your backyard, you ought to remember the joy that body of water gives you when the mercury rises in the spring and summer. Individuals living in Phoenix who have pools likely can’t imagine life without them, as it can be unbearably hot for such a big portion of the year and not having to travel to a public swimming environment to cool down is, for lack of a better word, the ritz.

Writing down some new year’s resolutions for the way you treat this beloved part of property will surely be a positive start to 2014, and can ensure that you have everything you need to enjoy a good swim in the coming summer months. Don’t try to do it all on your own though, as your pool deserves expert care and maintenance from a leading provider of Phoenix area pool services. You need not look any further than Poolman.

What should be done?
Obviously, take care of your own new year’s resolutions, as well as those of your family, first, then move on to the commitments you intend to make for your swimming pool. However, once you’re ready to set a few projects into motion and get the mind working on pool improvements, here are 5 resolutions that can benefit every homeowner:

  1. Fix that deck: Let’s face it, we all sometimes forget how important deck maintenance is. Maybe you haven’t spent too much time outside of the water, and have completely neglected the surrounding environment. Maybe you just haven’t gotten around to remodeling you deck despite the fact that it needed work done badly. Whatever the excuse has been in the past year or more, don’t let it linger. Call Poolman today to set up an appointment for a deck remodeling. You’ll be happy you did when you have company over and people can comfortably lounge on an aesthetically pleasing and safe deck.
  2. Check the plumbing: Although you likely never take a close look at the plumbing of your pool, perhaps because you’re lulled into believing that whatever equipment is out of sight will never deteriorate, this is a dangerous line of thinking. Plumbing can get rusted, start to leak or succumb to any variety of other issues. As such, you should make it a point to take a closer look at your plumbing in the coming year.
  3. Make it safer: The last thing a pool owner would want is someone to get hurt in or around their pool. Making the swimming environment safer for all, including children and older individuals, is a solid new year’s resolution. Poolman can incorporate railings and in-pool steps to reduce slip risks and other potential threats to safety.
  4. Replace dirty tiles: Pool tiles can do wonders to the swimming environment’s aesthetic appeal, making the water glimmer in the Arizona sun. However, if you haven’t cleaned or replaced your tiles in a while, they can quickly hinder the quality of your pool. Get these tiles fixed, cleaned or replaced soon for a better experience next year.
  5. Install a salt systemHighly chlorinated water can negatively affect the skin or respiratory systems of swimmers. Yahoo! asserts that salt systems can make the water more comfortable, healthier, eco-friendly and less expensive to maintain, so call Poolman today to get one of these systems installed!