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5 fun pool games for adults to play

Whether you just upgraded to a new salt system or you recently had Fort Worth pool maintenance taken care of, the fact of the matter is that no one can resist a fresh, clean pool. Your kids might be the most eager to jump in and spend hot afternoons swimming, but you and your adult friends are likely yearning for a dip too. While you could always blow up a raft and lounge in the middle of the pool or practice your swimming strokes, wouldn’t it be fun to get a group of people together for a few pool games? Here are five ideas to consider.

1. Pool volleyball
Nothing’s more fun than a good old-fashioned game of volleyball – except, of course, when you move that game into the pool. Whether you buy a pool volleyball set or put up your own net over the pool, make sure it’s at a height that won’t make it too difficult to get the ball over to the other side. Also, instead of a standard volleyball, you should try using a beach ball, as these will slow the game down a bit and make it easier for people to hit. Finally, make it a point to ban spiking the ball – you don’t want any of your friends or family members to end up with a bloody nose!

2. Water polo
If you’ve ever marveled at water polo during the Olympics, you know it can be a challenging sport, but also one that’s a blast to play. To make it easier on yourself and your guests, try using a beach ball instead of a volleyball or water polo ball, and consider giving each player an inner tube to float around in. Both of these will slow down the pace of the game and prevent people from getting tired too quickly. As for the goals, set up a small kids’ soccer or hockey net on either side of the pool or make your own with cones or lounge chairs.

3. Belly flop contest
Guys love a good belly flop, and spectators always enjoy the big splashes and loud smacks of those who jump into the pool. Choose a panel of judges who will rate each flop based on height, splash and the loudness of the flop, then have each person competing take turns jumping into the pool. Be sure to have a good prize on hand for the person who wins, as he or she likely deserves it!

4. Pool toss
If your kids have a lot of pool toys that float in the water, this game will be a breeze to set up. If not, you’ll need to gather a bunch of objects that float and are okay to throw in the pool. Once you have those, you’ll need to separate the pool into two sections with a rope or even a line of pool noodles, points out Fun-Attic. Then, divide your friends and family members into two teams, one on each side. Now throw all of the toys or objects evenly onto each side. Someone will then need to blow a whistle or say “Go!” and each team will work to throw as many toys as possible onto the other team’s side. After five minutes or so, blow the whistle again to signal everyone to stop throwing objects. Now count and see which side has the fewest toys – that team wins!

5. Tugboat relay race
For this game, you’ll need two long ropes that cover the length of the pool and four people to hold each one, two on each side, states Fun-Attic. You’ll also need two inner tubes. The racers will have to get in the tubes on one side of the pool and pull themselves along the rope to reach the other side. The team who gets all of its racers on the other side of the pool first wins!