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4 ways to keep small children safe at the pool

Whether you have a pool in Phoenix or San Diego, you’re going to want to take special precautionary measures to make sure that everyone is safe in your backyard. If you have small children or a baby, you’ll need to be especially mindful of how your pool is constructed to ensure that they aren’t in danger – but how do you do so? Is there a definitive way to baby-proof your pool?

Before you allow your little ones to splash around, there are a few actions you need to take and rules you should institute. Here are some tips for creating a backyard with a luxurious pool that’s both refreshing and fun for children in the area.

1. Be mindful of shallow water
The Mayo Clinic stated that shallow water can be an ideal place for kids to swim. However, you need to be aware of the fact that children are bound to take a few accidental gulps of water while playing. Just make sure that they aren’t drinking too much of it – doing so can cause illness.

2. Have rescue equipment on hand
The American Academy of Pediatrics noted that it’s a good idea to have rescue equipment nearby in the event of an emergency. Even when children are playing in the shallow end of the pool, there’s the risk of drowning. Ideally, you should have a life saver or a shepherd’s hook on hand to assist individuals who are in trouble.

3. Always have adults on hand
Supervision is key to preventing injuries and severe accidents, according to the Water Quality and Health Council. When kids are using the pool – older and younger children alike – you should stand guard to keep a close eye on their activity. Don’t permit children to use the pool unless an adult is able to watch them.

4. Check the water temperature
KidsHealth noted that temperatures less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit generally feel cold to the human touch. It’s also worth knowing that your body temperature can drop more quickly in water, meaning kids are at risk of hypothermia while in a chilly pool. In the event that you notice an individual shivering, remove him or her from the water as soon as possible.

By taking these precautionary measures into account, you can prevent an accident from occurring at your frequented pool.