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4 St. Patty’s Day pool rules

If you're hosting a St. Patrick's Day pool party, it's important to set some ground rules. These boundaries won't make you a party pooper, they'll just prevent your pool from getting damaged. Here are four rules to keep the celebration fun and safe.

1. No green dye
Have your guests rinse off before taking a dip in your salt system pool if they've painted themselves green. The coloring can throw off your pool's chlorine and pH levels, making the water more prone to germs. It's for their own good because you don't want your friends winding up with a recreational waterborne illness.

2. No pints o' beer
Drinking and swimming don't mix. As Beach Safe pointed out, alcohol impairs your judgment, making you more prone to bad behaviors. Someone who's had a few margaritas might be more likely to act in an unsafe manner. He or she not only puts him or herself in harm's way, but other guests as well. Serve your guests nonalcoholic beverages to play it safe. 

3. Take care of your pool
Get ready for your party by calling Fort Worth, San Diego or Phoenix pool service professionals. They offer a number of services to make your backyard mythical. Here are some of their specialties:

  • Decks
  • Fountains
  • Tiles
  • Salt systems.

After the party's over, schedule a routine chemical balance. Taking care of your pool prevents it from damage.

4. Forget your luck
If you decide to call the aforementioned services, you won't be needing the luck of the Irish. Clients in good standing are eligible for a free salt system. Then, next year you can host the party again and share your new feature with all of your friends.

What's more, you can save money for other fun features.