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4 reasons why everyone in San Diego needs a pool service professional

Depending on where you live, a handful of your friends might let someone take care of their swimming pools. However, you live in San Diego – a not-so-average part of the country. Of course, no one has to tell you why it rocks – that's probably why you moved there in the first place. Whether you realize it or not, there are a number of reasons why you need to recruit a pool service – here are four of them.

1. California is one of the healthiest states
According to a recent report from the United Health Foundation, the state in general ranks as one of the healthiest in the nation. It came in 17th place overall. Where did its strengths lie? In physical fitness. As explained in the report, Californians have a low prevalence in obesity, inactivity and smoking rates, which means they're in pretty good shape. What does this have to do with pools? A lot actually.

Aquatic exercises are trendy and it's no secret that people love to use their pools as a fitness tool. But frequent dips in the the pool for workouts means more sweat and other substances that dilute the water's chemicals. A pool service professional can balance the pool even if you're out and about.

2. It's a taco and burrito heaven
On the flip side, the forces are against you if you live in San Diego. You've got taco and burrito shops practically at every turn. Even if you're not a fan of Mexican fare, you'll likely give it a go if you're in a hurry or your friends drag you to a place. 

If you happen to love this type of food, you're in even bigger trouble because you'll probably eat it all of the time. Unfortunately, proximity to such an abundance of delicious – but not always healthy -restaurants means you're going to have to work to keep your accolade as one of the healthiest in the nation. The aforementioned reason applies here as well. You'll need to burn off those burritos, and someone will have to keep the pool clean.

3. San Diego peeps have a reputation to uphold
San Diegans​, you bear the burden of representing your state arguably more than any other cities in California. Why is that? Because you're the "birth place" of the state, as stated on San Diego's official website. That's right, when European settlers made their way out West, their first stop was San Diego. If you don't believe it just look around. Mexican pueblos and similar-styled architecture are all around you.

This means that all eyes are on San Diego, so your pool has to be on point. People visit the city quite frequently with the specific intention of delving into this history. Give them something to talk about, with a stunning backyard and sparkling pool. 

4. You live on 70 miles of coast land
Hear this one out. Your house is surrounded by some of the best beaches in the country. Now, you're probably thinking "Why can't I just swim there?" Well, you can, which is the problem. You see, you're going to want a pool as you would any other amenity if you live in a place that's gorgeous year round.

But you're also going to spend a great deal of time adventuring throughout the area. You have your choice of rocky cliffs, reefs, tide pools and more, as suggested by San Diego's website. With so many choices and so little time, you'll need to put your pool's upkeep in good hands.