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4 presents for the pool that your family is sure to love

With the holidays right around the corner, you're probably wondering what you're going to get your loved ones. You'll want to give them something practical yet personal. Why not invest in your swimming pool? It's the perfectly versatile present that suits anyone from fitness buffs to interior designers. It's a present to your family that can be enjoyed by many, including yourself. Here are four ways to enhance your pool and make it the gift that keeps on giving. 

1. Healthier skin
Nothing says treat yourself like a salt system generator. If you've lived in your house all of your life, it's likely that you're still using chlorine, which can be inconvenient for a lot of reasons. For starters, it makes your skin itchy and blotchy. Second, chlorine has to be balanced and monitored more carefully and specifically than if you have a salt system generator.

The smallest occurrence can completely throw your chemical levels off, rendering your pool useless until someone's able to balance it for you. When you're shopping this year, remember that soaps and perfumes have been overdone in the past, which means it's time to spice up your gifts. Give your loved ones the ultimate skin treatment with a salt system. Their radiant faces will thank you for it.

2. Serenity and tranquility
Consider installing a beautiful fountain around your pool deck if your significant other has a knack for making things look nice. It's a great way to make your backyard more serene and aesthetically pleasing. 

Houzz magazine listed a number of inspirational options for enhancing your home with a fountain. You and your family can enjoy the gift of relaxation as you sit together by the pool.

3. Invitation to non-swimmers
When's the last time you bought some new life vests or flotation devices for the pool? If it's been a while, you might want to consider investing in some. People who love to read or sunbathe will enjoy laying out on their backs in the warm sunshine.

Buying some new floatation devices also means that you're inviting more people to enjoy the water with you. If you have a baby nephew who can't swim, a life jacket can help your brother or sister feel more at ease with him going in the water.

4. The gift of no chores
If your spouse is already working hard to keep the pool clean, buy him or her a package with San Diego, Fort Worth or Phoenix pool service professionals that'll allow them to take a load off from cleaning duties. They will come to your house for routine visits or upon request so you don't even have to remember to schedule a visit. 

Think outside the box with gifts for your pool that are sure to please. Clients in good standing with the pool service professional are eligible for a free salt system generator. That's two gifts in one if you choose to upgrade your pool this holiday season.