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4 pool renovations perfect for the fall

The fall is a great time to remodel your swimming pool. For starters, the backyard is wide open because the kids are back in school. Second, all of those summer barbecues were a blast, but they've left an impression on the pool. What's more, service professionals may be more available during this season because many people renovate during the summer. Here are 4 changes to consider this fall:

  1. Salt system: If you're still using a chlorine generator, it may be time for an upgrade. San Diego pool service professionals offer a free salt system to clients who are in good standing. If you aren't a current client then that incentive may have you reconsidering. A salt system is great because it's easier on the skin, requires less maintenance and makes you feel like you're swimming in a more natural setting. It has a significantly less amount of chlorine, according to Health Research Funding. If having a personal spa in your own backyard sounds like something you'd enjoy, then this feature is the right decision for you.
  2. New deck: While you're embracing change, why not get some work done on the deck? You may not even have to replace it entirely, sometimes it's a few little procedures to get it looking new and safe again. This part of the pool is particularly sensitive to deterioration because people, food, water, leaves and other elements are constantly coming in contact with it. Updating the deck can make the pool look good while promoting safety. Slippery and dilapidated decks can make someone trip and injure themselves around the water. Even if the pool isn't used frequently, the wood can shift and crack on its own over time. Take care of the deck in the fall when it's getting less foot-traffic.
  3. Waterfalls and more: While you're re-doing the deck, San Diego pool service professionals can enhance it with a wok pot. The decorative feature looks like a pot or bowl and sits on the deck. Water pours out of the wok pot and into the swimming pool, which looks pretty and mimics the soothing sounds of a rainforest. If you want the whole nine yards then go for the waterfall. San Diego pool service professionals can build them around a rock display. 
  4. Resurface interior: If you can't remember the last time you had the interior of your pool renovated, it could be a sign that you should look into it. This time around you can choose an interior that'll reflect the water to make it a cool color.

Even if your pool doesn't need these features replaced completely, routine maintenance and seasonal fixes can save you money in the long run. San Diego pool service professionals are offering seasonal coupons for the upcoming months. If you live in California, you can receive a discount on the variable speed pump, heater and an inspection. Once you're a client, you're eligible for a free salt system, which will give your budget more room for other luxuries like a deck update or a wok pot.