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4 easy, homemade frozen treats

When it’s hot, it may be hard to imagine doing anything other than going for a swim. This is why you should consider Phoenix pool maintenance to make sure your pool or salt system is in tip-top shape for when the thermometer shows temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The summer heat can present health challenges such as heat stroke and dehydration. Jumping in the pool can help cool you and your loved ones off. But on those days when the sun is scorching and you can’t go from one side of the yard to the other without working up a sweat, it may be best to surrender to a workless day by the pool.

While you’re spending your day swimming, floating on noodles and blowing bubbles with your youngest, the hours will go by quickly, and at some point, you and your littles ones will want a snack. So what would be better than whipping out a delicious, homemade frozen treat?

If you’re in the mood for these small – and mostly healthy – delights, here are four easy options for you to make!

1. Frozen Banana Pops
Slice bananas in half and insert each piece on a wooden popsicle stick. Then, dip the bananas in melted chocolate of your choice (white, milk or dark). To go the fancy route, roll them in toppings, such as chocolate sprinkles, nuts or coconut. Place all dipped bananas on a cooking sheet lined with wax paper and stick it in the freezer for a minimum of two hours. Enjoy whenever!

The best part of this treat is that kids can get all the nutrients of a banana while satisfying their sweet cravings. This fruit contains vitamin B6 and C as well as potassium and dietary fiber.

2. Watermelon Ice
According to, to make this yummy, refreshing treat, all you need is water, unflavored gelatin, seedless watermelon, the juice of one lime and honey. To start off, microwave 2 tablespoons of water and 1 teaspoon of gelatin on high for 40 seconds. After the mixture stands for two minutes, stir it so there are no clumps. Next, cut up the watermelon in small cubes so that it makes about 4 cups. Place one of those cups into a blender, adding 2 tablespoons of both lime juice and honey. Add in the gelatin mixture and process until smooth. Slowly add the rest of the watermelon cubes.

Once all the ingredients are added and the mixture is smooth, pour it into a square dish – 8 by 8 inches is a good size. You then want to place this in the freezer. Before it freezes completely, transfer the mixture into a chilled bowl and beat with an electric mixer until fluffy – it should be bright pink. Finally, scoop the mixture into individual serving bowls and put them back in freezer until firm. Serve whenever!

3. Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies
If you’re a regular Betty Crocker in the kitchen, this is an easy – and always well-loved – treat. All you need to do is grab two cookies (whatever you have on hand) and plop a scoop of ice cream on the flat side of one cookie. Then, flatten the ice cream scoop with the other cookie, making a sandwich! If you feel like taking these delicious dessert options up a notch, roll the sides of the sandwich in toppings of your choice.

4. Fruit popsicles
This is another really easy summer treat. All you have to do is buy the fruit juice of your choice, preferably a brand that uses 100-percent real juice, and popsicle molds, which you can most likely get from a store like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. Then, pour the juice in the molds and stick them in the freezer until the juice solidifies!

Next time you’re in the mood for something refreshing, grab one of these treats from the freezer!