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4 common mistakes made by pool owners

Homeowners who have a pool or spa on their property understand the tremendous benefits that can come from having this feature included right in their own backyards. From barbecues, to pool parties, to a range of other fun-filled get-togethers, people with pools have a variety of options when it comes to making the most of these areas.

While pools can be a terrific place to congregate, be social and build memories with friends and families, they can also require a lot of upkeep. For those in the vicinity of Phoenix, a Phoenix pool service can ensure that the maintenance for pools is kept up so that homeowners can enjoy them whenever they choose.

However, there may still be some basic things that people with pools take care of themselves, and problems can emerge during this process as a result. Below are four common issues that pool owners may encounter as they strive to have the best pools around.

1. Dirty pool filters
One of the most frequent issues that pool owners can grapple with are dirty pool filters. When filters are left in place and not properly looked after, the water flow in a pool could become limited. In addition, algae may start to bloom and inadequate filtration may reduce the quality of water by a significant amount.

2. Pool water is unbalanced
Keeping pool water balanced is an essential part of ensuring that water is clear and pleasant to swim in, yet it can also mean testing water regularly to monitor its conditions. Investing in a basic pool water test kit can be an effective way to do this and many have easy-to-follow instructions.

3. Low water levels
If you allow the water in your pool to drop beneath a certain level, it can have several consequences, but mainly, it will result in your pool pump drawing air instead of water, which in turn could damage the integrity of your water pump.

4. Chlorine levels at 0
Maintaining the appropriate chlorine levels for your pool can be essential because it can prevent algae from gaining a foothold in your pool space. Green algae is a very common strain that can occur seemingly overnight, but by paying attention to your chlorine levels, you’ll have an easier time keeping your water algae-free.

For additional questions on Phoenix pool maintenance, you can always reach out to a professional in your area today!