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3 ways to prepare your pool for summer

Summer is just around the corner, and now is the time to make sure your pool is in perfect shape and ready for a fun-filled summer. In order to ensure that you are able to use your pool uninterrupted during the brutal Phoenix heat, consider the following:

1. Now is the perfect time to drain your pool
With only a few months left before swim season, now is the perfect time to drain your swimming pool. When your pool appears cloudy and has calcium buildup on the walls, your pool has high calcium hardness. It is important to clean this because the solids can host microorganisms that can ruin your pool equipment. Total dissolved solids are solids that are in the water and consist of metals, minerals and salts. When the water has high total dissolved solids, it may appear cloudy, and can also lead to scaling and staining of the pool wall. Draining your pool will remove the high calcium hardness and total dissolved solids from your swimming pool.

2. Upgrade any equipment that isn’t functioning properly
Prevent damage to your pool by upgrading your equipment. If your filter pump is louder than normal or if your equipment is leaking, taking an advanced approach can prevent future problems caused from faulty equipment. Upgrading to an energy-efficient product can help you save money and energy.

3. Clean your filters
All filters have a specific type of maintenance plan to maintain efficiency. Sand filters require the sand to be replaced when it becomes filled with debris. Diatomaceous earth filters require the grids to be cleaned when the filter is filled with debris.

It’s important to address these common repairs before the summer begins. If this winter is any indicator of how our summer will be, your pool is going to be a vital element in enduring the heat.