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3 ways to make your pool eco-friendly

One of the most prevalent trends in America is to become eco-friendly, green or sustainable. Reducing your carbon footprint isn't a difficult task, but starting with a few easy endeavors may bring you to the green side of life. Plus, it can't hurt to keep Fort Worth clean and unpolluted for future generations. Let's talk about how you can make your pool more sustainable.

Pool pumps
Single- and double-speed pool pumps are quickly becoming antiquated ways of keeping your pool clean. In their stead, many eco-friendly citizens – or even people who like to save money – have switched to variable speed pumps.

A pool pump works by pulling water through its filtration system and then returns that cleaned water back to your pool. Single- and double-speed pumps – like their name suggests – only run at set speeds. The result is wasted energy. A variable speed pump allows you to customize the speed. The slower the speed, the less energy consumed, the better the effect on the environment and more money in your pocket. Variable speed pumps can be set to 3,050 different speeds – or flow rates – which allows you to find the perfect setting for your pool, explained Pentair Pools.

PG&E stated that variable speed pumps can save 75 percent more energy than a single-speed pump. This can result in yearly savings of about $1000. Going green can also save you green!

Salt systems
Adding a salt system to your pool will cost money. The savings are certainly debatable and mostly depend on how long you keep the pool or the salt system. But these systems will benefit the environment and set an example for your family and neighborhood.

According to Bounce Energy, a pool with a salt system requires one 40-pound bag of salt every six to 10 months. This should cost you about $7, much cheaper than chlorine.

Salt systems require a bit more attention and monitoring, but they also require less chemicals. A majority of pool chemicals are toxic and they can wreak havoc on the environment if not properly disposed of. Furthermore, you will make less trips to supply stores, reducing your carbon emissions and need for burning fossil fuels. That also applies to the trucks that deliver chemicals to stores. This will have a better effect on the environment as a whole over time. Also, a lot of these chemicals are contained in plastic bags or buckets, and plastic is not good for the environment or human health.

Contact your local Fort Worth pool service to get a quote on how much it would cost to add a salt system to your pool before summer is over.

Smaller efforts
If you don't have the funds or a day to spare away from your pool, there are still some easy ways to make your pool more eco-friendly.

First, consider hiring a Fort Worth pool service to regularly maintain your pool. They will ensure that you have correct water levels, that your pool pump is running efficiently and they can check and balance the chemical levels of your pool. All of these benefit the environment – less water use, lower energy consumption and you won't have to buy large amounts of chemicals.

Second, have a pool service install timers on your pump and water accessories so even if you forget or go on vacation, you won't be wasting energy. Another way to save energy is to install some LED lights in replacement of traditional pool bulbs.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to have an eco-friendly pool, so what are you waiting for?