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3 ways to make your Phoenix pool more kid-friendly

While you may not be as lucky as your kids in terms of lengthy vacations, it's undeniable that summer isn't far off and so are long days spent in the backyard pool. Kids flock to pools like ants to a picnic – they can't resist a dip no matter how hard they try.

But it's important to make sure that your swimming areas are kid-friendly and properly designed to promote safety. Here are some ways to make your spot more appealing for children.

  1. Proper design materials: Rocks and some tiles, including ceramic and porcelain, can be fun aesthetic materials to liven up the visual aspect of your pool, but they can sometimes pose safety hazards to small children, Athena Pools explained. When wet, these products might become slippery and hard to grip with bare feet. If a child is running around after recently getting out of the pool, he or she may slip and hurt themselves. Be sure to talk to your Phoenix pool remodeling company when looking to renovate the area around your pool. You could purchase anti-slip products to coat the tiles and ensure that kids can get a good grip on them without the feat of falling. Additionally, you should make sure that there are depth markers around the edges to convey where the shallow and deep ends separate into one another. Without them, a child may unknowingly leap into the deeper area of the pool and struggle to stay above the surface.
  2. Unique water features: Far too many people believe pools are just for swimming and undervalue the aesthetic appeal that they can bring to a home. If you didn't purchase a water feature with your pool, don't stress – your local Phoenix pool service company would be glad to add the attraction themselves. According to Neave Pools, waterfalls, jets and fountains can be incorporated into the pool with relative ease, both labor-wise and financially. Kids also will love to swim around the waterfall and play games in the water with the new add-ons. In addition, the relaxing sound of bubbling water can soothe parents who relax poolside while the kids are away for the day.
  3. Make it playful: Finally, one of the best kid-friendly features to add to your swimming pool is the slide. Although kids love to jump into the pool after a long day playing in the sun, you can make the area a little safer by trading in the diving board for a slide. Much like adding in waterfalls or cascading jets, slides are easy features to include when remodeling your pool and are a great way to appeal to kids of all ages. You may need to ensure that a water supply can provide lubrication, so as to avoid any painful burns from sliding down the hot plastic. However, other than that, slides are very simple to plan for and install in your backyard, maximizing fun and ensuring that your pool is 100 percent kid-friendly.