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3 safety features for VGB-compliant Fort Worth pools

Regardless of which type of pool you own, your swimming environment should always be compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. To ensure that your Fort Worth pool is always a comfortable and safe environment in which visitors and family members can take a dip, call Poolman to install the necessary features.

  1. SVRS installation: Any and all single main drains should always have a suction vacuum release system, which will be crucial in the event that someone or something gets stuck in the water after coming too close to one of these pieces of equipment. Poolman can install a SVRS to reduce the entrapment risks of your pool.
  2. ASME covers: Performance standards for drain covers continue to shift, and homeowners who have had the pool for several years might want to take another look to ensure that their covers are compliant with the current ASME/ANSI A112.19.8 standards. If you aren’t sure how to tell or need help installing the safest covers, call Poolman today for a consultation.
  3. Dual drains: Some pools have several drains located closely to one another, which cause even more risk when the proper safety features aren’t installed. For example, when there are two or more drains that sit closer than 3 feet apart, safety regulations demand that a secondary means of entrapment prevention be installed. The only time this standard isn’t valid, as well as SVRS installations, is when the pool has an unblockable drain.

Safety should always be the highest priority for homeowners who have pools, especially since these areas are among the most statistically dangerous for young children in the United States. Call Poolman for all of your Fort Worth area pool service needs, and to help you ensure that your pool is compliant and safe.