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3 reasons to hire a pool service while on vacation

If you are leaving San Diego this summer for a vacation that lasts longer than a few days, consider hiring a local pool service to take of your pool while you enjoy yourself. Here are three reasons to hire a San Diego pool service before you go on vacation.

When your are away on vacation – no matter how long – your pool will need at least one cleaning. A pool service may do a better job than you, so enjoy coming home to a clean, debris-free pool.

If debris gets caught in a filter, your pool could get damaged and a new filter could cost you more than your vacation. The pool service will do more than just empty filters. They will also scrub stained surfaces and vacuum dirt from the bottom of your pool.

Do you trust the next-door neighbor to keep your pool’s chemical levels safe? Have a professional do it and come home to clear water, rather than a green, algae-filled mess.

Taking care of a pool requires know-how that your local San Diego pool service specializes in. Their team knows that pools with a salt system require a few different chemicals. They also will make sure that the pH level of your pool is right at 7.5.

According to Pentair Pools, you should shock your pool once a week to bring the chlorine levels higher, which kills bacteria. A pool service can do this for you if you are gone for more than six days.

Storms pop up fast around San Diego and if you didn’t prepare your pool area, your pool could get damaged. Furniture can scrape and chip your pool’s surface if it is blown into the water. Also, a storm can cause electrical surges and risk damaging all of your pool’s electronic devices, according to Pool and Spa Outdoor. A San Diego pool service will ensure that your pool is kept safe throughout your vacation, allowing you to truly relax.

Another benefit of hiring a pool service is that they can schedule and run your pool’s filter system or heater without wasting electricity. If you know that you come home mid-day on Saturday, have your pool maintenance worker turn on the filter and heater hours before you arrive. The pool service will also test the waters to ensure that your pool is safe to swim in as soon as you get off the plane or out of the car.

Call your local San Diego pool service before you leave town on vacation.