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3 quick tips for cleaning your San Diego pool for the summer

Swimming pools require a considerable amount of upkeep but the rewards of a clean and safe area to cool off in the summer weather is worth the efforts it takes to maintain it. While you can contact your local San Diego pool service company to ensure the chemical levels are perfect and the pumps don't need extensive maintenance, there are steps you can take on your own to keep your pool clean for the summer.

Here are some useful tips for keeping up with pool cleanliness.

  1. Skimming the surface: While you may have a filter and pool vacuum, you should never overlook the value of a skimmer. The nearby San Diego pool company should have plenty in stock for you to choose from. While the vacuum and filter do an excellent job of removing small clutter from your pool, the skimmer is an easy way to clear large debris from the water's surface, according to Summerhill Pools. This serves a two-fold benefit to your swimming pool by making the water look cleaner and taking strain off the filtration system by removing harmful items like stones and thick leaves.
  2. Cleaning the surrounding area: It's inevitable that your swimming pool will get dirty, but some owners neglect the area around the structure. Over time, debris and clutter can build up and affect the cleanliness of your water. Additionally, it can damage your filters and pump if sharp sticks or rocks get inside. Yahoo! recommended that owners clean the exterior of their pools to keep them in good working condition. The edges of your inground pool may become stained from chlorine or the tiles can get covered in dirt from people walking over them. Use some soap and water to scrub these spots clean and keep the swimming area free of dirt.
  3. Level the water: Over time, regular use can displace water from the swimming pool and drop the levels below normal. In an area like San Diego where the sun is out and it's warm for a majority of the year, the water can also evaporate. Because of this, owners have to make sure they check the levels constantly. When the water gets too low, it can actually damage the pump as it works harder to filter less water than normal. Summerhill Pools added that low water could also indicate that there's a leak somewhere in the pool that needs to be plugged. When prepping for the summer, owners should check the water levels every week and then begin to look twice a week as the days get longer and the sun stays high in the sky for a greater amount of time.

Pool owners can ensure the safety of their swimming areas – and their swimmers – by keeping up with maintenance during the summer months. The weather can have a significant impact on the integrity of the water and the structure's surrounding area, so owners should be sure to pay extra attention to the cleanliness of the pool.