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3 projects to make your Fort Worth pool more enjoyable

When it comes to getting a little rest and relaxation after a hard day of work, Fort Worth pool owners know that few things can compare to taking a nice dip in the water. As such, homeowners shouldn’t hesitate to make their swimming environments as comfortable and customized to their preferences as possible, and Poolman can help accomplish these achievements.

As your Fort Worth area pool service provider, Poolman can make a variety of adjustments to your swimming environment that will make it more comfortable and inviting. Here are a few options that you might be interested in:

  • Heaters: If you don’t already have this equipment in your pool, you’re missing out. Heaters can quickly make your pool the best place on the block, especially when the temperature drops in the evening and you still want to go for a dip. Poolman can also repair heaters that haven’t been working.
  • Automation: Just as is the case with virtually everything these days, your pool can be controlled by your smartphone after getting pool automation set up by Poolman. Using an app on your mobile device, or a separate controller if you so choose, you can turn your lights and heater on and off, as well as manipulating other aspects of your pool.
  • Salt System: The Daily Mail reported that swimming in water that has a high salt concentration can improve the longevity and health of many individuals. Salt water has been found to be good for the skin, bones, muscles and myriad other areas of the body. If you’re in good standing with Poolman, you’ll get offered a free salt system installation to create your own therapeutic swimming environment right in your backyard.

No matter what project you might have in mind, Poolman has you covered for all of your Fort Worth pool service needs.