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3 essential preps for your Phoenix summer pool party

Summer is practically here, and it's time to start thinking about summer pool parties! Sure there are holidays that would be great times for pool parties, but any day warm enough to swim is a great day for a party in Phoenix when you have a pool in your yard. In addition to the usual party must-haves like good food and good music, you'll want a pool that will have your guests buzzing with admiration. 

Tile design 
Tiles need to be replaced periodically, as the water seeps through cracks in the grout or tile, soaking the cement behind them and weakening its grip. According to Home Improvement Changes, tiles can also be adversely affected by drastic temperature changes. Tiles that have the sun beating down on them for most of the day
and are then splashed with cold water are in particular danger of coming loose. 

Even if your pool's tiles are in great shape, you may want to get a fresh design in place for the summer pool party season. Consult a Poolman professional to figure out what type of design will best complement your personality, and the area around the pool. 

Water features
If you really want to wow your guests this summer, consider installing some water features that will add breathtaking beauty to your pool and create a peaceful atmosphere with the sound of running water. Poolman offers dramatic features like waterfalls, which run down a manmade hill of natural rocks and add undeniable flair to any pool. Another eye-catching addition would be a sheer descent, which is a sheet of water that flows into your pool. If you're looking for something a bit more subtle, gushers are also available. This feature allows water to bubble up from below the surface, making that soothing sound of gurgling water. 

Better Homes and Gardens suggested accenting fountains with statues, and if you tweak your approach a bit, you can work one into your new water features. Whether it's a sculpture next to the waterfall or one next to a wok pot, it's a lovely accent to any pool. 

Make sure your pool deck is ready for action
Choosing the right kind of pool deck can be a little tricky, and you'll definitely want to consult a Poolman employee before jumping into this venture. There are plenty of options as far as what kind of material to build your pool deck with, such as concrete and ceramic tiles. Poolman recommends that people take their lifestyle into account when figuring out what kind of deck is right for them. For example, ceramic tiles can become very slippery when they get wet, and this is bad news if you have small children. 

The Arizona Municipal Water Users Association is a great place to find options for potted plants you can use to decorate your pool deck. Phoenix isn't the kindest climate, but there are some plants that will survive and thrive in the hot, dry air. Agaves, acacias and various cacti are a few options.