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3 easy ways to impress people with your pool

It may be a few months before the warmer season is here, but let's face it – most pool owners have summer on the mind.

Considering ways to give your backyard watering hole a pick-me-up? It turns out basic pool maintenance can yield some extremely impressive results. Here are some tips to think about during these initial days of spring.

1) Invest in new pool covers.
If you've been using the same cover for years, it may be time for an upgrade. Since pool covers run the gamut, you may want to take this downtime to decide what will truly improve the look of your outdoor area.

2)  Consider a salt water system.
Looking to give your guests the ultimate swimming experience? A salt chlorination system allows users to enjoy soft bathing water, a reduction in eye irritation and an environmentally friendly place to cool off. It also reduces algae and improves water quality, which means a safer summer for you and your family.

3) Give it a nice clean.
One of the best gifts you can give to your backyard is to make sure your swimming pool starts off the season spic and span. Coordinate a thorough cleaning before the lounge chairs are lined outside and the fun begins.